5 New Android Oreo Features You Should Know About

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Android, by far the most popular OS for mobiles, is now running on more than 2 billion devices around the world. There’s no doubt about that since Google owns Android.

But 2 billion active users, that’s pretty impressive. It shows that Google is widely dominating the mobile OS.

The newest Google operating system, Android O, is set to arrive later this year. Beta versions are already available for developers to test their apps. Here are the best Android O new features you should be excited about.

Best Android O New Features

1. Picture-in-Picture

Now if you’re watching a video on your Android phone, you can multitask without any problem. It annoys me if I’m watching a video on Youtube, I just can’t do anything on my phone except watch the video.

In Android O, you just press the home button and it will automatically shrink the video (picture-in-picture mode).

You can multitask while you’re enjoying your video. You can move it around, and when you’re done with it you just swipe it away. How cool is that!

2. Settings

One of the most obvious new features of Android O is, of course, the Settings menu. We have a completely new redesigned settings menu.

They’ve got rid of the sidebar menu introduced in Nougat version. It has a much shorter listing with everything well packed. It’s a lot cleaner and easier to navigate.

3. Notifications

Android O will change the look and feel of its notifications. Whenever you have unread notifications, a dot will appear on the app. It sounds familiar, right? iPhone users can relate to that.

You can silence the notifications for individual apps as well. Let’s say you post something on Facebook, and suddenly you’re getting a bunch of notifications. You can just turn off the notification for Facebook, and you will still get notified for other apps.

4. Lock Screen

You can now change the standard shortcuts that you use to unlock your phone for whatever app you want.

Twitter is one the app that I use the most on my phone, whenever I unlock my phone I go straight to Twitter.

It would be helpful, if I can just swipe up and get to twitter right away, instead of diving through my phone to find that particular app.

5. Smart text selection

This is so fun. It’s real pain to select a specific amount of text on your smartphone. You’ll spend time fidgeting on the screen to select that text.

Android O makes it easier to select addresses, phone numbers, businesses, and other selections by selecting the whole thing automatically. It will also give you suggested apps based on what you’ve selected.

Let’s say, you’ve selected a phone number, it will suggest opening dialer, Gmail if you select an email, and Maps if you select an address.

With Android O, Google is taking the speed and battery life to the next level. The boot-up now is twice as fast and battery life will be improved considerably due to background limits on apps.

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