Belkin kicks off 2018 with new wireless chargers

belkin wireless chargers

Okay, you’ve spent $1000 for your shinny iPhone X, with wireless charging capabilities and all the new great features.

You probably haven’t charged your iPhone X wirelessly. Don’t worry you’re not alone, because I haven’t either.

Now it might be time to get your iPhone X charged with some of the best wireless chargers out there. Belkin, one of the best and most popular accessories maker got you in its thoughts. The company is planing to launch new set of wireless chargers later this year for Apple’s latest iPhones and all Qi enabled devices.

The Boost Up Bold Wireless Charging Pad, which is an upgraded version of the BoostUp wireless charger, comes in different colors. It can provide 10 W output and supports other Qi enabled devices as well. The white one looks really cool. It would look nice with the white iPhone X.

Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand is somewhat similar to the Boost Up Bold, except it allows you to charge your wireless charging enabled smartphone in portrait and landscape mode. It’s very convenient when you’re watching a video.

Belkin’s Boost Up Wireless Car Charging Mount, designed for car, can be mounted on the dash and window. It’s adjustable for different phone sizes. Face ID will be a dilemma for any car charging mount.

With Boost Up Dual Wireless Charging Pad, you don’t have to buy 2 separate wireless chargers if you need to charge two Qi enabled devices simultaneously.

For those phones that don’t support wireless charging, Belkin is also introducing two wall fast chargers. The Home Charger 27W, and the Dual Port Home Charger 27W offer fast charging through USB-C.

All wireless chargers provide 10 W output of fast charging and will be available sometime in spring or summer. No prices have been announced yet. More details to be coming next week during the CES.