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Google is actively working on the next Android version, and the first Developer Preview has been released. The search giant will officially release Android P at its next I/O developer conference in May.

We still don’t know what P stands for, but there’ve been rumors about Pineapple. Meanwhile, here are the top 5 Android P features from the first Developer Preview.

1. Support for Notch

Not a surprise here. The Essential Phone introduced the notch, and Apple makes it a controversial feature on the iPhone X.

With the waves of those Android phone makers that have embraced the notch, we would expect Google to offer support for the notch on the next version of Android.

If you’re running the developer preview you can simulate the notch even if your phone doesn’t have a display with a cutout.

2. Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT

This will be for sure one of the best Android P features so far. Google Maps is the best navigation you can use, but when it comes to indoor navigation it can be a little bit frustrating. With Android P, Google is adding support for Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT (Round Trip Time).

This feature will be very helpful for those who try to find their way out when they’re inside a mall or office building.

Just wondering if that feature won’t have any impact on battery life since WiFi scanning and Location have to be enabled in order to work. Google Assistant should improve with location-based commands with this feature.

4. Messaging Application

Google has given messaging application UI an overhaul. Now you’ll be able to see and reply to the last messages in a conversation directly from your notifications rather than open the full app. Google also added support for “Smart reply”, which gives you suggestions for your answers.

5. Auto-Rotate Button

The new rotation mode is one of my favorite Android P’s new features. If you don’t like when your phone is on auto-rotation, that new feature is for you.

When your phone display rotation is locked, if you’re holding your phone in landscape mode, a 4th icon will show up in the navigation bar allowing you to switch the rotation to landscape.

When you want to return back to portrait mode, you just rotate your phone and then select the same icon to lock back the rotation in portrait.

6. Enhanced Privacy

Google is all in for users’ protection and privacy. Now idle apps won’t be able to access the camera, microphone, and all device sensors. This should give users some peace of mind over speculations about Facebook listening to users.

Apps trying to use your camera while running in the background will shut down, and those who try to gain access to your mic won’t be able to record anything until the app is being used.

7. Multi-Camera Support

Android P will bring a new multi-camera application program interface (API) that will allow users to take advantage of their dual camera. You should be able to use effects like artificial bokeh, and stereo vision in third-party apps like Snapchat.

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