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10 crazy Snapchat hacks you’ll wish you knew about sooner

The best Snapchat hacks, tips, and tricks to take your snaps to the next level.

snapchat hacks

We all can agree that the photo- and video-messaging app, Snapchat, is not the most user-friendly app out there. You probably have been using it for a while, but you may not know its most awesome features.

Although Snapchat is widely used by teenagers and young people, it can be pretty hard to learn how to use it. Most of its best features are not obvious, you’ll have to dig down into the settings menu to find them.

Regardless of what category you belong to, this guide will teach you how to access these hidden features. And you’ll learn a few more tricks that will help you polish your snaps and transform them into a work of art. Without further ado, let’s get started.

10 Hidden Snapchat Hacks

1. Change the color of individual words and letters

Tired of your boring caption? Did you know you can get each word and letter in a sentence to have a different color? Let’s spice it up with some fun colors. Here’s how you do that.

Type your caption and tap on the “T” at the top of the screen next to the draw tool. This will make your text bigger and bolder. Now select a word or an individual letter in your text. Tap the select option to highlight the word or letter and change its color by dragging your finger up and down over the color palette on your left.

2. Find celebrities and official accounts

snapchat hacks

Finding people to follow on Snapchat is not the most intuitive thing. It’s even more difficult to find celebrities since many of them don’t even use their real name in their username. But there’s a way to easily find celebrities and other official verified accounts.

Open the app, tap on the story icon on the lower-left corner or swipe left to access the “Stories” page. Next type in the word “official” on the search bar. A list of official accounts will appear, feel free to follow the ones you like.

Another way you can find celebrities in the search bar is with emoji. For example, when you type the soccer ball emoji, it will bring up Official Stories from both leagues and individual teams that use that emoji.

You should note that the “Official” search results will change daily based on who has posted a story that day.

3. Recognize songs with Shazam integration

snapchat hacks

Did you know you can shazam songs in the Snapchat app? Snapchat works with multiple companies such as Shazam, Uber etc to bring cool features.

To identify a song playing around you, just hold your finger down on the camera screen. Just after a few seconds, a Shazam window will pop up with the song’s name and artist.

From there, you’ll have the option to listen to the song either to Apple Music or Spotify. You can also send the song to your Snapchat contacts or share it with third-party apps.

4. Add a link to your story

snapchat hacks

Not too long ago Snapchat let users include a link into their stories. This was a real game-changing for website owners, creators, and marketers. It’s fair easy to do that.

To add a link to your story, just take a picture or video, tap the paperclip on the sidebar, and enter your URL. Your audience will only need to swipe up to see the content of your snap without leaving the app.

Note: If you use a photo or video from the camera roll of your phone, you’ll need to tap on the three vertical dots to edit it first before you can see the link icon from the draw tool.

5. Turn your snap into stickers with the scissors tool

snapchat hacks

You can cut part of your snaps with the scissors tool and use them later as stickers. It’s pretty easy to do, but most people don’t really use this tool. Once you take your snaps, tap the scissor icon on the upper right bar. Then, outline the part of your snap you want to turn into a sticker.

Snapchat will save those stickers to the sticker menu under the scissor tab. You can resize and move them wherever you want on the Snap. Make sure to edit your snap before you create the sticker. Any edit that you make on your new snap will not transfer onto the sticker.

6. Send money to your friends

snapchat hacks

Like Facebook Messenger, you can use Snapchat to send and receive money to any Snapchat user using a feature called Snapcash. Head over Settings > Snapcash and add a debit card. To send money to someone, in the chat window just type the amount you’d like to send.

Keep in mind you need to add the dollar sign first ($), without it, the money won’t be sent. Other currencies don’t work with that feature at the moment. It has to be the US dollar.

7. Create snapcode for your website

snapchat hacks

Snapcodes are not only for users to add each other. You can use snapcodes to send people to your website if you own one.

To do that, open up the app and tap the ghost icon in the upper left of the camera screen. Tap Settings in the upper right, then Snapcodes > Create Snapcode.

Now you can enter the URL of your website (like gotechtor.com) and tap create. Once you’re done, it will create a Snapcode that will link to your website.

8. Make voice or video Calls

snapchat hacks

Like most of the social media apps, you can use Snapchat for voice and video calls. That’s pretty obvious since you can find it right in the chat window. However, most Snapchatters use the app for posting disappearing pictures and may not notice that at all.

You can either send a short voice note or call the person to start a live video call. To send a short voice note, hold down the voice or video icon, and it will start recording right away. To start a live voice or video call, just tap the voice or video icon.

9. Save battery life and data

snapchat hacks

Snapchat is fun and great but will drain your battery life and data more than any other apps. However, there is a way to prevent that: travel mode. Travel Mode is a built-in feature that allows you to disable snaps and stories to load automatically.

To turn on travel mode, go to Settings, scroll down a little bit, under the Additional Service tab tap manage and toggle Travel Mode on. It will save you tons of data and improve your battery significantly.

10. Enable Ghost Mode

snapchat hacks

Snapchat by default records your location when you use the app, whether you’re sharing a snap or stories. It is essential for some features to work like geo-filters.

If you don’t want your friends to know your location, you can turn on the Ghost Mode. To do that, open the app in the camera window with your two fingers zoom out, and it will bring you a map of popular stories nearby. You can only see the ones that are public tough. Tap on next and tap on Only Me (Ghost Mode)


  • Double tap anywhere on the camera screen will switch between the front-facing and rear-facing cameras.
  • When recording, slide your finger up and down the screen to zoom in and out, respectively.
  • Use the volume buttons to take a photo or record a video in Snapchat. You press once or hold either volume button to take a photo or record a video, respectively. It works the same as your phone’s default camera app.

If you know some Snapchat hacks, tips and tricks that should we missed and should have been on this guide, please do let us know in the comment section below.

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