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Essential Phone Price Just Dropped Again

The Essential Phone price just dropped again, and today you can buy one for as low as $250 at Amazon. Earlier this week the price has fallen to $250 for the Black Moon and Pure White colors.

The Essential Phone, released in August last year by the father of the Android operating system, was a total failure. Considering what the phone lacks and what competitors have to offer, the $700 initial price wasn’t enticing to convince people to buy the phone. The company had to slash the phone’s price by $200 just two months after its release.

But still, the Essential Phone didn’t meet the company’s expectations. They sold less than 90,000 units in the first six months. Honestly, Android users were not going to buy that phone when there are so many great flagship phones on the market.

While we didn’t expect the Essential Phone to go head-to-head with iPhone and Samsung. However, we didn’t expect either an Android Phone made by the Android creator itself to be shipped with buggy software and a mediocre camera.

Okay, now do we think it’s worth buying it at $250? Absolutely, you can give it a shot. Andy Rubin’s company has been consistently pushing out updates to improve software performance. You’ll get a clean Android experience, which is something every Android user has dreamed about. Read our Essential Phone PH-1 review.

We don’t know how long this deal will be available, so we’d recommend you acting sooner before it’s gone.

Note: We regularly update this post to reflect the latest deal. 

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