5 Gmail Tips and Tricks You Should Try Today

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Did you know some of the best Gmail features are hidden?

Do you want some cool Gmail tips and tricks to boost your productivity?

Gmail without a doubt is one of the best email providers out there. But not everyone uses it to its full potential, and today you’ll learn 5 awesome Gmail tips and tricks that you’ll wish you knew about sooner.

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5 Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks

Here’re all the tips you’ll learn about in this guide.

  1. Enable “Undo Send”
  2. Send Large Attachments
  3. Know who sold your email address
  4. Add a Plus (+) to Your Address
  5. Send emails to undisclosed recipients

1. Enable “Undo Send”

gmail tips tricks

Here’s a typical situation that I’m pretty sure everybody can relate to. You just hit the Send button to send your email and later realize there was an unfortunate typo or spelling mistake. What an embarrassment!

How much do you wish you could unsend that email? I know the feeling, I’ve been there myself. However, many Gmail users are not aware of a default feature that allows you to recall a sent message during a small window of time (up to 30 seconds).

To adjust the frame time, just head to Settings under the General tab you can set the cancellation period to either 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds, which should be more than enough to cancel a sent message immediately after sending.

2. Send Large Attachments

gmail tips tricks

Gmail got a 25MB size limit for attachments, which may not be enough for some people. If you’re like me who once in a while send big files, you’ll want to know about that feature.

When you compose an email, there’s a little icon at the bottom of the window that lets you attach files from Google’s cloud storage services, Google Drive. You can send up to 10GB with permission to the shared files. Don’t worry, even if the person you’re sharing with, doesn’t have Gmail he/she will be able to receive the attachment.

3. Know who sold your email address

Did you know if you did your Gmail with your name, you own every version of that email address with a dot in it before the @gmail.com. So inserting a period does not make any difference. Here’s Google’s explanation.

Okay. You’re probably wondering how does that help?

Well, if you want to who’s selling your email address and filter our spammers that feature might be very handy. Before you subscribe to any Newsletter or give your email away, just put a dot somewhere in your email.

If later you receive spam emails with the period in the same place, you’ll know who’s selling your email address.

4. Add a Plus (+) to Your Address

gmail tips tricks

We all know the pain when you open up your email and see thousands of unread emails piling up in your inbox.

Did you know Google ignores everything after a plus sign (+) in the first part of the email address?

To put that into context: peterparker@gmail and ppeterparker+subscription@gmail.com are the same email addresses.

So how does that help?

It will help you out the same way tip #3 does. With the (+) you can easily manipulate your email address and filter messages from subscriptions.

If you start receiving newsletters you never signed up for, you’ll know where the sender got your modified address. BINGO.

5. Send emails to undisclosed recipients

gmail tips tricks

This one is golden. Don’t be fooled if it’s #5 on the list, I always leave the best one for last.

Have you ever wanted to send an email to a number of people without sharing the email addresses of those who receive it? Did you actually know that Gmail will let you do it?

I have used that feature on many occasions and it comes in very handy every time.

All you have to do is to use the Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) field on the Gmail window compose message. By doing that the Bcc recipients do not get to know each other. However, they’ll, of course, be able to see the main recipient (To).

Just use your email as the main recipient if you don’t want the Bcc recipients to know the main recipient either since you cannot leave it empty and use the Bcc field alone.

Note: This feature is not exclusive to Gmail. Other email services have it as well, so feel free to use it.

Wrap up

These are my top 5 Gmail tips you should start using or at least know about.

Which ones are you going to use? Let us know about your favorite Gmail tips in the comments section below.

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