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Scheduling a Zoom meeting is as easy as setting a Zoom meeting. You can schedule a one-time or recurring meeting and send it to your colleagues’ calendars.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to schedule a Zoom meeting from the Zoom desktop client and the Zoom mobile app. Let’s get started.

Schedule Zoom Meeting from the Zoom Desktop Client 

1. Head to the Zoom website, and sign in to your account or create an account if it’s your first time using Zoom.

Sign in to your Zoom account
Sign in to your Zoom account. Screenshot: Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

2. Once you logged in, click My Account at the top right corner of the homepage.

Click on your Zoom Account
Click on your Zoom Account. Screenshot: Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

3. Click Schedule a Meeting in the upper-right corner. This will open a page where you can fill out a form with all the information of your Zoom meeting, such as topic, date, time, etc.

You’ll have the option to set up a recurring meeting. Once you’re happy with all the details, scroll down and click the save button to schedule your Zoom meeting.

Zoom Schedule a Meeting button
Click on Schedule a Meeting. Screenshot: Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

4. On the next page, you have the option to add the meeting to your favorite calendar app. Or, you can copy the invitation link and share it out with your guests.

Schedule Zoom Meeting from the Zoom Mobile App

To schedule a meeting on the Zoom mobile app, open the Zoom app and log in to your account. Then tap the Schedule icon. This is the calendar icon with a blue background.

Zoom schedule meeting icon on the mobile app
Zoom schedule meeting icon on the mobile app. Screenshot: Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

Enter the details of your meeting. You can type in a topic, add a start time, and set the meeting to repeat. You also have other options, such as requiring a password, video, or audio for both host and participants.

Zoom schedule meeting info
Zoom schedule meeting info. Screenshot: Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

There are also more settings to explore that can make your video conferencing more secure. Scroll down and tap Advanced Options.

Zoom schedule meeting advanced options
Zoom schedule meeting advanced options. Screenshot: Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

Then tap Done to schedule the meeting. You’ll see this in the upper-right corner of your screen.

If you’ve allowed the Zoom app access to your calendar, you’ll see another form to add the meeting to your calendar. Select the calendar of your choice, set your alerts, then tap Save in the upper-right corner.

Add Zoom meeting on Google calendar
Add Zoom meeting on Google calendar. Screenshot: Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

Next, go to the meeting tab and tap Invite to add your contacts. This might be different, depending on your calendar. A pop-up will show up with different options to send out the invitation to your participants.

Send Zoom invitees to guests
Send Zoom invitees to guests. Screenshot: Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

You can send an email, message, or simply copy the meeting link to paste into any app to invite your participants.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it—our 2 simple ways to schedule a Zoom meeting. As you can see, the process is fast and simple. Now go out there and schedule your Zoom meetings like a pro.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use the comments section below.

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