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7 Ways to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

This guide will help you know whether you've been blocked or if the account is simply deactivated or deleted.

how to tell if someone blocked you on instagram

Whatever the case might be, blocking someone on Instagram is probably the best thing you can do. You might be the person being blocked though. But you won’t ever know it because the app doesn’t send any notifications when that happens. So how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram.

It all will start when you stop seeing your friend’s morning selfies in your Instagram feed. Alright, he/she might just take a break from Instagram. We all need a break now and then from something. But after months, you may start thinking what’s the deal because that person didn’t just fell off the face of the earth.

Despite you have no help from Instagram, it’s fairly easy to see who’s blocked you on Instagram. This guide will show you 7 ways to find out when someone has blocked you on Instagram or deactivated their account.

How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram

To clear the obvious out of the way, here are some instances where an Instagram account might not blocked you:

  • If you look at the person’s profile, it says “User not found” and also “No Posts Yet” at the bottom, but you can still see their profile picture and the number of posts they have.
  • In the search bar when you look for their username, it says you’re following them.
  • If their name don’t show they’re following a mutual friend when you look with another account.

1. Search for their username in the app

The very first and obvious thing to do to find out if someone blocked you on Instagram is to perform a simple search. Look for their name or Instagram handle in the app. If the person who’s blocked you has a public account you should be able to see their username in the search bar as you type in.

how to tell if someone blocked you on instagram

If you can see the profile picture with post count, follower count, and following count, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if their profile shows an empty photo grid with an error message that says “No Posts Yet,” they’ve blocked you.

However, if the person who’s blocked you on Instagram has a private account, their name won’t even show up in the search bar. Therefore, you won’t even have the chance to find their profile. But that’s not the end, there’s something you can do about it. Keep reading to find out.

2. Search for their username on a computer

how to tell if someone blocked you on instagram

On a computer, go to this link Instagram.com/username. Don’t forget to replace the word “username” with their actual Instagram handle. If you get an error page that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” then that person has most likely blocked you.

3. Check from a different account

Now you want to make sure that person has blocked you. Create a new Instagram account or use somebody else’s and repeat step 1 and 2 from above. If the other account can access their profile, photos, then the person has blocked you. However, if your friend’s account cannot see the person’s profile account who blocked you, something might be wrong with their account. It might be deactivated or deleted.

4. Find them through tagged photos

Another simple way to find out who blocked you on Instagram is through tagged photos. If that person who’s blocked you has been tagged in somebody else’s photos, you can use tags to find them. Here’s how it works.

It’s time to do a little search here. Look into your mutual friend photos to see if that person appears in any of their photos. If they do, chances are they’ll be tagged. Tap on their tags to take you to their profile. If you cannot see their profile and their photos, then that person has blocked you.

5. Check comments or mentions

If you couldn’t find any photo where that person was tagged, check for their comments or mentions. Look into your mutual friend’s photos and find any comment or mention that person who blocked you has made. Tap on their name to take you directly to their profile. You should be able to see their pictures with no problem, but if you do not, chances are they’ve blocked you or they have deactivated their Instagram account.

6. Check Old Instagram messages

how to tell if someone blocked you on instagram

Go to Instagram direct messages, find a conversation you had with the person you suspected blocked you. You can either tap on their profile picture on the conversation thread or on their profile name at the top. If the person’s account quickly shows a “User not found” error message. In addition, if you cannot see their followers and following count, they have blocked you for sure.

While you’re there, next to the last line that says “Followed by”, tap on one of the mutual friends that shows up. It’ll bring you to a page with the person’s mutual friends, Followers and Following list. Tap on either the Followers or Following tab, you’ll get a “Couldn’t load users” error message that indicates the person has definitely blocked you.

While you’re in the conversation thread, it’s worth pointing out if someone blocked you on Instagram you won’t be able to message them. Sure your messages will be sent, but they’ll never get them. Instagram Video Call won’t work either. It’ll fail each time you try to video call the person who’s blocked you.

7. Follow that person again

A simple way you can tell if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to follow that person again. When you tap on the follow button, nothing will happen. No matter how many times you tap on the follow button, it’ll not show you’re following the person. If their account is private, it won’t show either that a follow request has been sent to that person.

Wrap up

Now that you know someone has blocked you on Instagram, what’s next? You do nothing. You carry on with your normal life. Honestly, it could hit you hard, but dust yourself off because life doesn’t stop there.

What you can do moving forward is to give more time to people that matter to you and forget about the ones that don’t value you.

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