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Huawei’s New AirPods Knockoff Looks Ridiculously Good

There’s no doubt Apple’s wireless AirPods are truly one of the best wireless earbuds you can buy on the market right now. Since they were introduced back in 2016 there’ve been numerous copycats out in the wild, and our most recent replica came from none other than one of its direct competitors, Huawei.

Chinese biggest telecoms gear maker announced today on the IFA 2019 stage, its third-generation of copycat AirPods, the FreeBuds 3. This time, they come with active noise cancelling (ANC) feature that allows you to block out any noise around you while you’re listening to music. However, they only provide 15dB reduction, which is not great but appreciated.

The earbuds also come with a brand new custom Kirin A1 audio chip, which is the first in the world that supports Bluetooth 5.1 standard, according to Huawei. This new chip will offer lower latency and power consumption when compared to other Bluetooth chips, but we’re afraid that this feature will only work with Huawei phones for now. In terms of battery life, they offer 4 hours of listening time before needing a recharge, which can go up to a total of 20 hours with the charging case.

When it comes to design, I don’t know how to feel about this. The best way to describe it is a wannabe AirPods. Don’t get me wrong, the new FreeBuds 3 literally can go head-to-head with the AirPods 2, but the design is a disservice to their real value. The earbuds come in a circular shape charging case with USB Type-C charging port for fast charging and also support Qi wireless charging. They will be available in Ceramic White and Carbon Black, but they were no mention of official release date neither price. We’ll make sure to update this story when we know more.

Drop us a line in the comment section below to let us know your thoughts on the new FreeBuds 3. Is it going to be a hit or a miss for Huawei?

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