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iPhone 8’s Top Leaks and Rumors

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It looks like nobody got time for the newly released iPhone 7. Everyone’s attention is focused on the iPhone 8 coming up this fall. In less than 4 months, Apple will celebrate the iPhone 10th anniversary. Check out the iPhone evolution to see how much has changed since they introduced the original iPhone many years ago.

Yes, that’s right ten years since they made the original iPhone. Apple’s competitors are making big improvements with their phones especially Samsung with its astonishing Galaxy S8, the Cupertino company should be under serious pressure to deliver their best iPhone yet.

iPhone 8 Rumors

The next iPhone will most likely have the following specs:

  • All glass body instead of aluminum used in the previous models.
  • Bezel-less OLED display (5.8-inch display), but no curved edges as rumored before (consume less energy, offer a better display with higher contrast ratio)
  • In-display Touch ID paired with facial recognition (No physical home button)
  • Updates to 3D Touch
  • Dual camera (Vertical alignment)
  • Improved waterproofing
  • Wireless charging support (Finally)
  • 64 or 256 GB with 3 GB RAM
  • 3 models (iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus)
  • iOS 11

iPhone 8 Leaks

As we’re getting closer to the release date, leaks have been pouring down all over the internet. These are the best representation of the possible next iPhone.

Final Thoughts

As usual, every year Apple works tirelessly to improve its products. Without a doubt, the next iPhone will be the best iPhone Apple ever made. When we think about features we’ve never seen in other smartphones so far, like touch id embedded in the display, there’s no question about beating its previous models. So, let’s see how all this will play out once they launch it.

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