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iphone se 2 rumors

Apple is worried about iPhone 11 failure

The future hasn't been so uncertain for Apple in terms of iPhone sales.

Since Apple introduced the pocket-friendly iPhone SE back in 2016, there have been countless rumors about a potential successor on the works, however, it never happened. Now, we go our most recent rumor from Nikkei Asian Review that report that Apple may be working to release an iPhone SE 2 next Spring.

According to the report, the iPhone SE 2 will have the same form factor as the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 but the specs of the new iPhones Apple will introduce next week, but will feature a lower-priced liquid crystal display. It’s basically the same concept as the original iPhone SE, which has the same design of the iPhone 5 but equipped with internal components of the iPhone 6S. If rumors are to be true it would come to surprise to anybody.

People aren’t upgrading their iPhones as they used to anymore and the tech juggernaut is losing market share in emerging markets like India and China to mid-range premium phones such as OnePlus, Samsung and Huawei. Apples CEO, Tim Cook realized the iPhone price was the main factor behind that, and that’s how the iPhone SE was born, an affordable iPhone for the budget conscious buyers.

This time around, it looks like Apple is getting ready for an eventual disappoint iPhone 11 sales by introducing such a phone, which is aimed to boost iPhone sales after the holiday period. Despite market saturation, one of the many reasons why the tech giant has not been doing great with cost-effective iPhones is because the company is famously known for selling high-end products. Consumers will most likely buy Apple’s latest flagship rather than buying the budget one, in fact, that’s why the iPhone XR is struggling.

The first generation wasn’t a best seller and got discontinued in 2018 along with the iPhone X. Tim Cook must be really not confident on the iPhone 11 sales, if Apple is considering to release an iPhone SE when the first generation wasn’t a success. The iPhone maker will continue to struggle to enter emerging markets when those consumers can get mid-range phones with decent specs at bargain price. Apple does not really offer a budget phone when compared to its competitors.

We can’t deny there’s a demand for reasonably-sized up-to-date iPhone models, but Apple seems to not get it. People do want a smaller phone with high specs, but not with a two or three years old design. A phone like that would come with a premium price, which will put consumers in a tough situation to make a buying decision and also would cannibalize high-end iPhone sales. Because of the form factor, regular folks will argue with me that I have an iPhone 5 when it’s an iPhone SE. When they see it, the first thing that comes into their mind is iPhone 5, which is okay.

Let us know your thoughts on a possible iPhone SE return. Are you a fan of pocket-friendly iPhones? But how much are you willing to pay for a budget iPhone.

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