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Roku Frozen? (Here’s to Fix It Fast!)

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Herby has a healthy obsession with all things technology, especially smartphones. He loves to rip things apart to see how they work. He is responsible for the editorial direction, strategy, and growth of Gotechtor.

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Roku is one of the most popular streaming alternatives on the market, but much like any other piece of technology, it isn’t perfect.

Various uses of Roku by different users span a wide range of actions, some of which may not have been accounted for in Roku’s design and testing.

Some of these problems can happen while the Roku is idle, others while it is in use, and are sometimes due to the usage of specific channels.

When the system encounters an issue that it is not equipped to deal with at the moment, it ends up with the Roku frozen. 

This brings about the question of how to deal with the Roku freezing issues. There are a few steps that you can take to troubleshoot the Roku frozen issue.

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What Causes Roku Freezes?

It is important to understand that the freezing issue is not due to one particular reason. Your Roku might be frozen due to the following:

  • Weak internet connection
  • Device overheating
  • Bugs in app
  • Firmware deficiencies
  • Host of other causes

In this post, we cover how to handle the most common ones with a pain-free resolution.

How to Fix Roku Frozen Issues

If your Roku is frozen, you need to disconnect your Roku device from the power source and wait for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in. This will reset the device and often solve the issue.

Also, if your Roku keeps restarting because of overheating, these fixes may help.

Overheated Roku

Most electronic devices rely on balanced heat transference and circulation. That is why most larger electronics have internal fans to ventilate heat that is created by the internal electrical circuitry. 

However, in the case of compact devices like Roku, there is simply not enough room to situate the fans properly.

That makes Roku more susceptible to overheating. If the device gets too warm, its functionality is negatively impacted.

Therefore, if the Roku feels warm or hot to the touch, especially when experiencing freezing problems, it is important to stop the flow of power to it for a bit of time.

The process consumes a little bit of time but is very effective and simple.

To stop your Roku from overheating, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the Roku from its power source.
  • Place the device away from any confined spaces or obstructions that would impede its heat dissipation, like walls and windows, but also away from other heat-generating equipment. 
  • After about 5 minutes, touch the Roku and make sure it is cool to the touch. If so, plug it back in and allow it to run its initialization protocols.

Update Roku Firmware

If Roku’s firmware has had updates, it may have the necessary fixes to address the freezing problems you are experiencing.

Check for Roku updates

The updates are available quite frequently, and while most of them trigger automatically, it is important to check for them periodically anyway to bolster the device’s optimal performance.

To update your Roku, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Roku’s Home menu
  • Navigate to the Settings option and enter that menu
  • Select the System page further down on the settings options list
  • Find the System Update function and select Check Now
  • This will trigger a Roku reboot.

Once it completes start-up, the firmware will be updated.

Reboot Roku

Most times, all it takes is a reboot to remedy the great majority of technical glitches. This is the case for most electronics, and Roku is no exception.

restart Roku

Keeping Roku idle without use for extended time periods isn’t recommended without the occasional reboot.

To reboot your Roku device, follow these steps:

  • Navigating to the Settings
  • Selecting the System section
  • Then selecting System Restart from the menu
  • Choose Restart

In an even simple way to do this, the Roku device can simply be unplugged from its power source for about 15 seconds and then plugged back in.

This accomplishes the same action and reboots the device, which could eliminate the problems. 

Nintendo Switch Issue

An issue of interference with Roku device functionality is known via playing Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch.

A recent update has fixed the issue, but to ensure that the update is in place, make sure that your Roku is updated.

You may also want to unplug your Roku, put the Nintendo Switch into airplane mode so that the two are not sharing WiFi, then plug the Roku back in.

The Roku tech team acknowledged this problem with nearby Nintendo Switch units and recommended the above actions.

Problem With Particular Channel

Roku offers a massive app library, but not every app undergoes perfect vetting, even though most reputable channels function with a relative lack of issues.

If you’re experiencing freezing while using a particular app from a smaller, independent channel, there might be bugs that they have yet to work out.

The best advice is to ensure that the app is up-to-date. If it is, you should consider avoiding its use for the time being.

Roku Configuration Changes

If the Roku has started having regular freezing issues, try to remember what apps you’ve recently installed.

It is possible that some apps can impact how other apps run. So, if you have installed a new app on your Roku device, it may have changed its configuration.

This change can negatively affect the performance of other apps. If you can retrace your steps, see if deleting the recently added app helps stop the freezing problem.

Verify Internet Connectivity

Irregular speeds could be causing streaming apps to “freeze” because the internet connection going in and out, or being too slow, does not permit sufficient buffering to allow videos to play smoothly.

You can remedy this in most situations by rebooting your modem or router. You can do this by unplugging it for about 30 seconds, then reconnecting the power source to allow it to run its initialization.

Final Thoughts on Fixing a Frozen Roku

Dealing with a frozen Roku can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can quickly get back to enjoying your favorite content. 

To recap, start by checking the power connection, restarting the Roku device, and checking for interferences.

If your Roku is still frozen after trying all these steps, it may be a hardware issue, and you should contact Roku support for further assistance.

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Herby has a healthy obsession with all things technology, especially smartphones. He loves to rip things apart to see how they work. He is responsible for the editorial direction, strategy, and growth of Gotechtor.

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