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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might come with Bixby powered wireless earplugs

Samsung Galaxy Note with Bixby powered earplug

So far we almost know everything about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. From specs, design and even the launch date, since last week Samsung has officially confirmed they will unveil the Note 8 on August 23rd in New York.

According to sources, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might not be the only product Samsung will unveil that day. They will reportedly unveil the phone with a pair of Bixby powered wireless earplugs. Yes, that’s right a very similar Apple wireless AirPods.

It is unclear, whether the wireless earplugs will come along with the Galaxy Note 8. They might actually come as a standalone product, that you’ll need to buy apart.

It’s also reported, those wireless earplugs will feature the noise canceling technology. Like the Apple wireless AirPods, you’ll be able to interact with them through Bixby. Samsung is trying so hard to prove the point of its new virtual assistant, as many people see it pointless.

We’re slowly getting to the era, where we don’t have to physically touch our phones in order to use them. This is what Virtual Assistants are all about, and Samsung has finally joined the party with Bixby. Is Bixby pointless to you? Has Samsung made the right move by introducing it?

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