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Should the Samsung Galaxy S8 be afraid of the next iPhone?

Samsung Galaxy S8 with infinity display

Samsung Galaxy S8, the best looking phone we have on the market right now, is doing so well that they have sold more than 5 million units within the first month, according to the Korean Site The Investor. The S8 is only available in few countries in few countries right now. Unit sales are expected to go even higher once they become available in more countries.

Here’s the thing, right now the Galaxy S8 is the new sheriff in town, period. Samsung had the obligation to come up with a product that can make people forget about the Note 7 failure. Let’s be honest, people are not excited about a new smartphone anymore. Whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Google Pixel, it feels kind of the same products with just different model names.

People want innovation, with the way technology is moving if you can’t innovate, forget it soon or later you’ll disappear. As a matter of fact, years ago Nokia was the big thing, and they have dominated the mobile industry for more than a decade. However, the mobile giant has fallen due to lack of innovation.

Apple for quite a while has been using the same design on its iPhones, which raised people’s eyebrows. It seems like for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple will certainly bring something new. No doubt iPhone fans can’t wait for the next iPhone since the iPhone 7 didn’t do so well as it was expected. Will the iPhone 8 overshadow the Galaxy S8 success? 

Regardless of what happens in September, Samsung has nothing to worry about. On the contrary, Apple should be nervous to not disappoint. Considering the epic fail of the Note 7 last year, Samsung was able to make this kind of come back, by all means, the Galaxy S8 is ready for whatever Apple has in store.

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