Gotechtor Editorial Guidelines

Last updated January 21, 2024, by Herby Jasmin, Editor-in-Chief.

Everything you need to know about our editorial standards and our ethical guidelines for creating content.

Editorial Mission

Gotechtor’s mission is to help people get the most out of the tech they use every day.

We strive to be your one-stop shop for navigating the ever-evolving world of consumer tech, from the latest gadgets to practical how-to guides. 

These guidelines ensure our content consistently delivers exceptional value and positions Gotechtor as the reliable resource you can depend on.

Our Audience

Gotechtor’s audience consists of people looking for help with the tech they use. Whether you’re a nontechie seeking clear guidance, an early adopter excited about exploring cutting-edge innovations, or a budget-conscious consumer looking for the best value, we’ve got you covered.

Key Principles

Here are the five qualities we look for when evaluating what to publish:

  1. Accuracy: We adhere to the highest standards of accuracy. Our experienced editors check for readability, formatting, spelling and grammar, and photo and screenshot quality before we publish any piece on Gotechtor.
  2. Transparency: We don’t accept free product samples from manufacturers. We buy all the products that we review. Affiliate links and sponsored content are clearly labeled to avoid confusion. If we suggest a product, it’s because we’ve thoroughly reviewed it and believe in its value. We’re open about our enthusiasm for certain products, and we’ll tell it like it is when something doesn’t smell right.
  3. Objectivity: We get straight to the point, giving you what you’re looking for without fluff or jargon.
  4. Expertise: We’re experts in what we do. If we don’t know a topic well enough, we don’t write about it—it’s as simple as that.
  5. Originality: With AI-generated content dominating the digital landscape, original content is rare and precious and is one of the primary reasons readers turn to Gotechtor.

Fact-Checking, Accuracy & Corrections 

Accurate information is at the core of every story we publish at Gotechtor. Our writers and editors rigorously evaluate for accuracy, relevance, and timeliness during the editing process.

Our editorial team does its best to update our large library of “evergreen” stories to ensure they remain timely, accurate, and relevant. Each article is date-stamped to reflect when it was last updated.

While we strive to be accurate, sometimes errors slip through. If we find a mistake in a story, we’ll correct it as soon as possible and add a note explaining the change.

If you ever encounter an article that contains inaccuracies or outdated information, please email us at so we can correct it.

Editorial Independence and Impartiality 

We’re one of the few independent online tech publishers, meaning our content is driven by experts, not corporate influence.

That’s why we strive to provide honest and thorough reviews of products and services. Our reviews are completely independent and rely on thorough research and testing.

If you click on any “affiliate links” in our content, we may earn commissions from purchases, but we never receive any payment or incentive for our recommendations.

For more details, check out how we review and rate products.

Content Integrity

Every piece of content we publish on Gotechtor is authored by a real person. At the top and bottom of each article, there’s a byline with the name, a brief description, and a link to more information about the author.