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Crypto Pro Review: Best Portfolio Tracker?

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Crypto Pro is a bit different than other crypto platforms we’ve covered. It’s not an exchange per se.

Instead, it’s a type of all-in-one companion app that consolidates all your preferred exchanges into one convenient hub. And it provides you with countless top-notch tools that make investing in crypto an easy process.

Crypto Pro Ease of Use and Design

Crypto Pro is largely known for being as user-friendly as possible despite its multitude of features.

The platform’s users typically describe it as being easy to load, navigate, and operate due to its well-designed interface and snappy responsiveness. 

You’ll also notice that all of its features are well-labeled, and there aren’t any options hidden behind irrelevant menus or other quirky issues that are present in other apps. 

However, that doesn’t mean it’s something newcomers will instantly get the hang of. Unique features such as importing exchange portfolios require keys generated on each exchange app, and of course, reading the charts can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking at. 

Luckily, both of those issues are resolved via in-depth guides on the Crypto Pro website. These guides detail the importing process for every exchange the platform supports, and there’s plenty of information to help newcomers understand what they’re doing on the platform. 

Crypto Pro Supported Exchanges

If you’ve read our other crypto reviews, this section might throw you off slightly. Crypto Pro isn’t a traditional exchange, and it doesn’t have specific coins that it does and doesn’t support. 

This is because it works as a platform to consolidate all the different portfolios you have on various exchanges.

Whether or not you can manage a coin on Crypto Pro is completely reliant on whether or not you’ve imported a portfolio from an exchange that supports that coin. 

For the time being, Crypto Pro supports more than 90 crypto exchanges, but only six are supported for automatic importing. 

  • Coinbase
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Binance
  • Bitso
  • Kraken
  • OKEx

It’s recommended to use the six exchanges listed above because they receive the most support, and the importing process is fully automatic.

Most other notable exchanges are also supported, but you’ll be required to tinker with them a bit more to transfer all your data. 

In addition to the supported platforms, Crypto Pro also supports all forms of fiat currency. This makes trading an absolute breeze regardless of where you live or which fiat you store your wealth in.

And it also helps reduce costs and surprises since you can skip any conversion fees or value differences when paying subscription fees. 

Crypto Pro Supported Countries

This is another way that Crypto Pro is different from other platforms. It’s not technically banned or restricted anywhere, and it can be used in any country that even remotely supports crypto. However, that doesn’t mean it can be used everywhere. 

Crypto Pro relies on third-party platforms to work. It has its own features such as real-time price charts, newsfeeds, and tracking options, but all of that is completely pointless if you don’t import at least one API key from a supported crypto exchange. 

In short, if crypto is banned in a country, such as China, Crypto Pro is entirely useless whether you can download it or not. 

Luckily, crypto is legal in one form or another in most countries, and as long as at least one platform is legal to use in your country, Crypto Pro can be an invaluable tool when it comes to your trading activity. 

If your country hasn’t banned cryptocurrency entirely, it’s best to look at what exchange options you have at your disposal.

Download Crypto Pro, and import your API key and portfolio from your preferred exchange to determine its availability. There are simply too many possibilities for us to cover them all here. 

How to Open a Crypto Pro Account

Since Crypto Pro doesn’t work like traditional exchanges, setting up an account is extremely easy.

The app is now available for both iOS and Android devices, and you can start the process by navigating to your device’s built-in store app. 

Step 1) Download: Start by downloading the Crypto Pro app from your device’s built-in store. Make sure you get the official Crypto Pro app. There are a lot of similarly-named options that are lacking in quality. 

Step 2) Get Started: Once the app is downloaded, simply hit the “Get Started” button. The credentials attached to your device’s store account will be used to set up your Crypto Pro account, and the process is seamless. 

Step 3) Enjoy: Right off the bat, you gain access to all of Crypto Pro’s built-in features. You can browse price charts, set alerts, track different coins or exchanges, and swipe through the newsfeed for the latest crypto news. 

Those are the steps required to get the basic Crypto Pro experience, but the platform’s real value comes from importing your details from the exchanges and wallets you use.

Import from Other Platforms

The same general steps are required for every exchange, but there are some small differences depending on which platform you’re importing from.

For detailed instructions, visit Crypto Pro’s website and follow their exchange-specific guides

  • Get the API key from your preferred exchange. This is different for every exchange, so follow Crypto Pro’s guides. 
  • Go to the import option on Crypto Pro. 
  • Copy and paste your API key into the import section. 
  • Let your details import. 

Once you’ve followed these steps for each of the platforms you’d like to import, you’ll be able to create and manage portfolios for each one directly from Crypto Pro.

However, it’s important to note that you will not be buying and selling from the Crypto Pro app. It’s simply a management tool. 

Best Features of Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is a unique platform, and a lot of its features aren’t available elsewhere. Let’s dive into its more unique features. 

Real-Time Price Charts

A lot of price charts are general overviews for 24 hours. That’s typically enough for you to make intelligent purchasing decisions with stocks and other investments, but crypto is extremely volatile.

As history has shown, a single Tweet from Elon Musk can tank a coin’s value in a matter of hours.

To help you invest in such a volatile market, Crypto Pro provides up-to-the-minute, real-time, price charts and tracking features. 

Exchange Consolidation

Using multiple exchanges, and giving each one a proper amount of attention, can be a painstaking task that is extremely time-consuming.

Crypto Pro streamlines that process by allowing you to put all your portfolio details, from several exchanges at once, into a single app.

Want to check your Coinbase-based Bitcoin, Kraken-based Ether, and OKEx-based BitcoinLite without loading several apps? That’s what Crypto Pro is for. 

Real-Time Candlestick Charts

Being able to see a coin’s performance over a large timeframe is important when you invest. Crypto Pro lets you see that long-term performance through its real-time candlestick charts. 


Don’t want to miss a major dip in your favorite coin’s value? Crypto Pro will send an alert to your phone so you can start “buying the dip” before anyone else. 

Coin-Specific Tracking

Sometimes, you want to keep an eye on a selection of coins without literally staring at a phone screen all day.

Crypto Pro lets you do that with its advanced tracking features, and then the alert system will tell you when a set parameter is met. 

Built-In Crypto News

Making profitable investments requires a deep understanding of current events and market trends.

Crypto Pro provides you with a newsfeed that consolidates all the news articles and alerts you need into one convenient space.

With Crypto Pro, you don’t have to spend hours browsing the web to keep up with the crypto world. 

Crypto Pro Trade Experience

Again, this is different from most of our other reviews, because you don’t buy or sell anything on the Crypto Pro app. Instead, you use it to streamline your trades on other platforms.

So, your trade experience isn’t directly due to Crypto Pro. However, the process involved in managing your trades is extremely positive. 

Once you’ve connected an exchange to the Crypto Pro app, you can submit purchases or sell-offs straight from the Crypto Pro app. You don’t have to switch over to the actual exchange and deal with their trading process. 

This lets the app tell your exchange that you’re placing an order or selling, and it works in tandem with the multitude of features geared towards making smart investments.

If you want to make complex orders, it may be a better idea to just switch to the exchange app the purchase will be performed by, but Crypto Pro is fine for making quick, standard orders. 

You can also import your wallet details from various exchanges to help you keep track of what you’re spending or earning without having to open those apps. This is just another way Crypto Pro makes the trading experience easier. 

Crypto Pro Fees and Limits

Once again, Crypto Pro isn’t an exchange. So, it doesn’t have its limits and fees outside of the subscription model its advanced version uses. 

Instead, you’re only limited by the fees and limits associated with any exchanges you connect to your Crypto Pro account. 

For example, Coinbase has a 0.001 minimum purchase limit for Bitcoin. If you connect your Coinbase details to Crypto Pro and purchase Bitcoin, you have to buy at least 0.001 Bitcoin.

Similarly, Coinbase will charge its transaction fees for the purchase, even if you submit the trade from the Crypto Pro app.

This is because Crypto Pro is simply acting as a proxy for your Coinbase trade, and the transaction is still processed by Coinbase. 

If you don’t know the various fees and limits for the exchanges you use, you should check those out before trying to submit trades for them on Crypto Pro. This will prevent any confusion or unwanted surprises. 

Is Crypto Pro Safe and Secure?

When you use Crypto Pro, you may be able to see all the details of your various crypto wallets and portfolios, but none of those assets are a part of Crypto Pro.

They’re still secured by the exchanges they were purchased on and any associated wallets. So, security is less of a concern when it comes to Crypto Pro.

No one is going to steal your Bitcoin stockpile because they gained access to your Crypto Pro account.

At most, they can buy and sell cryptocurrency in your name and leave you with the consequences (an odd thing for a cybercriminal to do). 

However, you’re entitled to privacy, and your details may be compromised if you’re hacked. So, Crypto Pro’s security measures are still important. 

Luckily, they have some of the best security in the business. There are no recorded hacks, and your payment method information is handled by the store account on your device. 

Crypto Pro Customer Support

Most customers agree that the app’s customer support is above-par. The vast majority of users don’t have any problems with trade submissions going awry, rude support specialists, or anything else that one should look out for. 

However, there are a few complaints about the support team taking a while to get back to their queue of questions.

This can be annoying if your question is dire, but waiting a few hours, or even a couple of days, usually won’t be too much of an issue. It’s also rarely necessary to contact support, given how well the app owners have fleshed out the FAQ section. 

Also, before making a complaint about customer support, remember that Crypto Pro is not an exchange. If you are having issues with a trade or stored assets, you have to contact the platform that is handling those things for you.

Keep in mind Crypto Pro can’t unfreeze your Coinbase assets, put your Kraken account on hold, or do anything else that doesn’t involve its platform. 

Crypto Pro’s Premium Features

Crypto Pro does not have a crypto wallet. You can import the details of your third-party wallets and view them in the app, though. 

There is a “Pro” version of Crypto Wallet, but it doesn’t expand the set of features you get very much. Instead, it allows you to make unlimited portfolios. 

This is great for seasoned investors with tons of crypto portfolios, but beginners and intermediate users don’t need it. 

The pro version is $47.99 as of the time of this writing, and all fiat currencies are accepted as payment. 

Who Is Crypto Pro for?

Crypto Pro is an invaluable tool for all crypto investors. It may not be an exchange, but the information it provides on the crypto world is priceless.

The tracking and alert features are also invaluable for making intelligent trade decisions, and the ability to import your exchange portfolios makes the entire investing experience as streamlined as possible. 

If you’re buying and selling crypto, take a moment to set up Crypto Pro. 


Crypto Pro isn’t an absolute necessity. You can successfully manage several crypto exchanges without it, and if you want to spend tons of time researching the market, you don’t need the tools it provides. That’s not the appeal of Crypto Pro, though. 

No, investors love Crypto Pro because it makes every part of the investing process easier and faster. Time is money, and Crypto Pro saves you time. 

If you’re trading crypto, whether you’re an early adopter or a brand-new investor, give Crypto Pro a try. We’re sure you’ll love it, and it will probably help you make better investment decisions. 

crypto pro review
Crypto Pro
Crypto Pro's unique approach to privacy makes this crypto platform a serious contender for privacy-centric users to track their crypto portfolio.
Good Stuff
Focus on user privacy
Automatic portfolio importing
Extensive support for crypto exchanges
Highest quality tracking and indicating features
Syncs across multiple devices
Bad Stuff
Not an exchange by itself
Customer service can be slow
Not available on Android yet
Web version of the app is very limited
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