iOS 14 New Features (Our Top 9 Favorites)

ios 14 features list

The iOS 14 was a unique arrival for the Apple brand. This was one of the few iOS releases that showed up at a time that did not coincide with a new iPhone model release. So the primary focus of this release was all about the software. The last few iOS releases were focused on … Read more

A Detailed iOS Version History

iOS Version History

This is a complete guide about Apple iOS mobile operating system version history. In 2007, Apple revolutionized the mobile world by introducing the iPhone. At the time the Blackberry ruled the land of somewhat “primitive” smartphone devices. It never quite took off like its designers hoped, likely due to the cumbersome, compact keyboard that took … Read more

The 8 best iOS 13 new features you’ll want to try

ios 13 new features

After tons of Beta testing since Apple announced its latest iOS operating system back in June at WWDC, the final version of iOS 13 is finally here. The new update brought a plethora of new features like a new system-wide dark mode, an overhauled Photos app, a revamped Apple Maps, a more mature Reminder app. … Read more

The 5 Best iOS 12 Features (That You’ll Actually Use)

ios 12 new features

iOS 12 is finally out today for iPhone 5s and later. To download it open the Settings app, tap “General”, then “Software Update”. Your iPhone will check for any available update, after authenticating, it’ll begin with the installation. Remember to always back up your iPhone before installing a new iOS update. While iOS 12 brings some exciting … Read more