How to speed up your iPhone (8 simple tips)

how to speed up iPhone

If your iPhone is more than two years old, chances are it is getting slower. But don’t worry you don’t have to buy a new phone yet. Learn how to speed up your iPhone with these 8 simple tips. How to Speed Up iPhone Clear up the RAM Free up some space Reduce transparency and … Read more

How to Check iPhone Battery Health (4 Easy Ways)

how to check iphone battery health

Wondering how to check your iPhone battery health? Think you might need to replace your iPhone battery? If you’ve had your phone for a couple of years then your battery could be starting to degrade. This quick guide will show you how to find out if your iPhone needs a battery replacement. How to Check … Read more

iPhone Evolution Timeline (Every Model from 2007–2020)

iphone evolution timeline

More than ten years ago, Apple released the first iPhone, which has changed the mobile industry forever. With a wide touchscreen, no physical keyboard, the iPhone maker has set the path for many smartphone manufacturers. Since then, the iPhone evolution has been impressive over the years. The iPhone has changed and shaped our lives in … Read more