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A Growing List of Everyday Things Replaced by Your Smartphone

things replaced by smartphones

This is a guide about all the things replaced by smartphones.

If you have a smartphone, and all you do with it is making phone calls, sending messages, taking pictures, and social networking. You’re missing out big time.

They call them smartphones because they’re smart, and they really are. Never before a single device could do so many things that you could possibly imagine.

We’re a blessed generation to live in the smartphone era because they’ve simplified our lives.

Things Replaced by Smartphones

And here is a list of all the things replaced by smartphones so far:

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1. GPS Navigation Devices

I still see people using GPS navigation devices, and I’m wondering why when they have a smartphone mounted on the dashboard. I don’t see a reason to buy a GPS navigation device when you can just download Google Maps, Waze and even Apple Maps.

2. Books

things replaced by smartphones

Gone are those days when you have to carry multiple 50 pounds books around. No wonder why most people have back pain. Now you can have thousands of E-books just right on your smartphone. There are tons of E-books reader apps in Play Store and App Store you can download for all your readings.

3. Landlines

Why having a landline phone service at home when everyone in your house has a cell phone? It’s a great way to cut the bills. According to the U.S. Health Department, more than 50 percent of American households only have cellphone services to get connected.

4. Address Books

If you have a smartphone, so you won’t need an address book. Why would you after all? When you can add all your contacts to your smartphone and have access to them anytime and anywhere.

5. Payphones

When was the last time you use a payphone? You can’t remember, right? It’s even hard to find one in some cities. If you do find one, trust me it won’t work. With unlimited phone calls, there’s no need to have payphones around. Thank you smartphone.

6. Scanners

If you were to download a mobile scanning app, there are so many good ones, it can be hard to make up your mind. Some defaults and third-party apps like Dropbox, Evernote, iPhone’s note app even have a built-in scanner integrated.

7. Digital Cameras

The best camera is the one you have with you. No need to carry a digital camera around, when your smartphone’s cameras are really damn good nowadays.

8. Photo Albums

Things replaced by smartphones

With Google Photos, you can store all your photos without worrying about storage limit as long as you don’t mind Google compressing your photos.

Google photos with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), will create albums, panoramas, animated GIFs, stories, without you doing anything.

9. Camcorders

The same thing goes for Camcorder. Your smartphone can do the job pretty well and sometimes better. Leave that camcorder home and use your smartphone instead.

10. Voice Recorders

Nowadays, it’s unthinkable to find a smartphone without a built-in voice recorder app integrated.

11. Alarm Clocks

Honestly, who still using an actual alarm clock to wake up on time in the morning? I don’t. I instead use the one that comes with my phone. It’s convenient and easy to use.

12. Flashlights

A flashlight on a table

This is a must-have tool in your house, your car, and wherever you are. Luckily your smartphone comes with a torchlight integrated. No need to replace batteries.

13. Digital Music Players

Not too long ago portable music players were making the hits. You weren’t cool if you didn’t have one. Well, now it’s okay if you didn’t have one since your smartphone got your back. Most people stream their music on their smartphones now.

14. Calculators

A calcular on a table

Even regular cellphones come with calculator apps. Smartphones have come with built-in full scientific calculators.

15. Calendars and Planners

Things replaced by smartphones

Do you still use a calendar paper? The only person I can think of using a calendar paper would be my grandma.

Your smartphone comes with an integrated calendar app that offers more options than a traditional one. You can also download free or premium third-party apps that offer even more features than the free ones.

16. Notepads

Things replaced by smartphones

I hate writing with pen and paper, and it might not be just me. You may take a look at some of the best note-taking apps, but the one that comes with your smartphone might be good enough for most people’s needs.

17. Newspaper

Newspaper on a table

It’s getting unusual to see people reading the newspaper, whether it’s on the commute or in parks. With the boom of social media technology, it’s easier and more convenient to read the news.

And of course, your smartphone is the perfect tool to keep up with the news as they break.

18. Portable Video Players

You remember that time if you didn’t have a Portable DVD Player, you were not cool. Guess who’s not cool now, Portable Video Player because smartphones have replaced them with online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

19. Landline Internet

landline internet cable

Why having a land-line internet, if I have a smartphone with 4G capabilities that can share its internet connection. Think about it, and tell me why I should pay twice for the same service. Many people don’t know that their smartphone can be used as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. That’s just alarming to me, but I guess that’s fine.

20. ATM / Debit / Credit Cards

credit card

You may not be aware of that, but many places have been accepted mobile payments for years. No more need to find the nearest ATM to get cash or to use your debit or credit card.

Whether it’s an iPhone with Apple Pay, an Android phone with Google Pay, and Samsung has its own mobile payment system, Samsung Pay, you can quickly and effectively make payments. So, why not taking advantage of this convenience and ditch the plastics for good.

21. Leveler

I still remember when I was a kid playing with my dad’s leveler without knowing what it was for. I bet you didn’t know your smartphone can be used as a leveler.

22. Webcam

Gone are those days when you were going nuts trying to get your webcam to stay in a fixed position. I personally can relate to this situation. With your smartphone’s front-facing camera, you can enjoy a nice video call with your loved ones without any hassle.

23. Light Meter

Back in the days, photographers would need a Light meter to determine the proper exposure for their photos. Nowadays smartphone cameras are so powerful and advanced, you don’t need a handheld light meter for your photography needs.

24. Thermostat

Whit thermostat on a wall

Ordinary thermostats are things of the past! Welcome to smart thermostats where you can control them with your smartphone. Not only smartphone-controlled thermostats are so convenient, but also help save energy and cut fuel costs significantly.

25. Barcode Scanner

With a quality barcode scanning app, you can easily read QR codes and scan a barcode to bring up product information such as user reviews and price comparisons. All of that is made possible with the convenience of your smartphone.

26. Measuring Tape

With Augmented Reality, Google and Apple have turned their smartphones into digital measuring tapes. It’s fairly simple to use, no need to be tech-savvy. You simply launch the Measuring app, point the phone’s camera to an object, then pick two points to measure the distance in between.

27. Credit Card Scanner

things replaced by smartphones

Yes, you can use your smartphone as a credit card scanner. With a small car reader plugged into your smartphone, you can start receiving payment with your smartphone.

28. USB Thumb drive

black USB thumb drive

You might remember when USB Thumb drives were a breakthrough technology. With a small piece of hardware, you can carry all your data with you. They were expensive though, back then. But now with cloud storage taking over, all you need is an app to take all your data with you wherever you go.

This list will only keep growing over time, as smartphones become more powerful they will replace more things in the future.

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