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If you have a disabled Apple ID, you’re essentially out of luck to take advantage of your iPhone or any Apple devices you have. You won’t be able to do access everything Apple such as iCloud, iTunes, or the App Store.

It’s an annoying and frustrating situation to deal with, but it can be fixed quickly. In this article, you’ll learn how to unlock your Apple ID.

Why Does My Apple ID Say My Account Has Been Disabled?

But before anything why is this happening in the first place? It all comes down to one answer, security purposes. Apple is trying to protect your account due to suspicious activities.

This problem mostly happens because too many incorrect password attempts are made or you haven’t used your Apple ID for a long time. The message may see about your Apple ID being disabled may be different, depending on what Apple device you’re trying to log in to or what version of OS it’s running. Here are some of the messages you might see:

  • “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”
  • “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons”
  • “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons”

So if one of these messages shows up on your iPhone screen, your Apple ID is disabled. Even if you know the correct Apple ID or password you won’t be able to log in to your account.

How Do I Fix My Disabled Apple ID?

The easiest way to fix this problem is to go to Apple’s special page called iForgot to regain access to your account when you forget your password. Go ahead enter your Apple ID email, then follow along with the prompts to unlock your account.

forgot Apple ID login form
Having trouble signing in with an Apple ID. Screenshot: Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

This is a relatively simple process. Apple will ask for the phone number that you use with the disabled Apple ID. Look out for a notification to one of your trusted devices so you can unlock your Apple ID there.

If you’ve used two-factor authentication as an additional security measure to your account, the process is slightly different. To unlock your disabled Apple ID, Apple will send the recovery code to the trusted device you designated when you originally set up two-factor authentication.

If you unsuccessfully attempt to unlock your account too many times, you will have to wait a full day until you can try again.

If you’re truly the owner of the Apple ID you should be able to unlock it by now. But unfortunately, things can go south, and if this is the case you may need to call Apple support at 800-APL-CARE (800-275-2273) or chat with an Apple specialist.

You should note to never use third-party websites to unlock your Apple ID because you can get scammed. Only call the official Apple Support phone lines for assistance from Apple.

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