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iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo? Try these Fixes!

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Herby has a healthy obsession with all things technology, especially smartphones. He loves to rip things apart to see how they work. He is responsible for the editorial direction, strategy, and growth of Gotechtor.

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Is your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo? Don’t worry! In this guide, we’re going to discuss some of the easy fixes to resolve the issue when your iPhone won’t load the Home Screen.

When your iPhone won’t boot up completely and got stuck on the Apple logo, is because something is wrong with the process startup. So, iOS won’t boot your iPhone unless it’s certain everything is working fine.

But you may be wondering, what could be wrong with the startup process if my iPhone was working fine before? Actually, multiple things could be the culprit.

Let’s identify them first so we can better fix the issue. If you don’t have time to know about the problems, you can jump to the solution section down below.

Why Is My iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo?

There are three main issues with your iPhone that can prevent it from turning on, therefore will be stuck on the Apple logo forever also called the screen of death.

  • Hardware: Many hardware issues like the display, battery may be to blame if your iPhone won’t get past the Apple logo when starting up. iOS checks if everything is working properly before booting your iPhone. If it finds any issue within its components, your iPhone won’t start.
  • Software: As you may already know, the software is what controls the hardware. So if anything is wrong with iOS, your iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo.
  • Jailbreaking: When you jailbreak your iPhone, you set it free from Apple’s restrictions on the operating system and take full control of your device. While it’s an enjoyable experience, it’s also becoming a source of all sorts of problems like damage to iOS. Your iPhone turns into a lawless land where apps do what they want, which can lead to this awful issue.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo: How to Fix

Now that you have an idea of what could possibly be the cause of your iPhone problem. We’re going to focus on different troubleshooting tips that should fix an iPhone if it got stuck on the Apple logo.

Try the following steps in order from the simplest to the most complex to fix an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.

1. Fore Restart Your iPhone

We’ll begin by forcing your iPhone to restart, which generally can fix most minor issues. If your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo is the result of a bigger problem, a simple restart won’t probably fix it.

steps to restart an iPhone
Picture: Courtesy of Apple

Anyway, it won’t cost you anything to restart your iPhone, go ahead restart it and see if the Apple logo goes away. For detailed instructions, check our “How to restart an iPhone” guide.

No luck? Keep reading to try the next step, which has to do with the software itself.

2. Put Your iPhone into Recovery Mode

If after restarting your iPhone, it still got stuck on the Apple logo, we’ll try another troubleshooting tip.

This time we’ll put your iPhone into Recovery Mode, which allows you to restore a damaged iOS.

Remember, software issues were one of the main culprits for your iPhone to get stuck on the Apple logo.

When putting your iPhone into Recovery Mode, you’ll either install a clean new version of iOS or a backup one on your iPhone.

Recovery Mode is more effective than a simple restart and most of the time will fix unresponsive iPhones or those that won’t connect to iTunes.

Please check this step-by-step guide for how to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode. If that didn’t help either to get your iPhone past the Apple logo, we’ll move on to the next solution.

3. Put Your iPhone into DFU Mode

Device Firmware Update or DFU Mode for short comes into play when your iPhone has a serious issue with booting up.

What makes DFU Mode different from Recovery Mode is that your iPhone is power on but the software is not loaded yet. That way you can make changes to the OS at its lowest level.

iphone stuck on apple logo

You should know to put your iPhone into DFU Mode is not easy as it requires specific steps that need to be done precisely.

Thankfully, Gotechtor has carefully put together a great comprehensive guide with all the steps to put an iPhone into DFU Mode. Feel free to check it out.

Hopefully, at this point, your iPhone can get past the Apple logo and boot properly. If this is not the case, we’re afraid that your iPhone may have a hardware problem. Now it may be the time to take your iPhone to the geeks.

4. Your iPhone May Have a Hardware Problem

Hardware issues are one of the villains that may prevent your iPhone from starting up and get stuck on the Apple logo.

You may find yourself facing this problem if you have an iPhone with display issues or battery problems etc.

At this point, your best option would be to book a Genius bar appointment. You may take your iPhone to an Apple Authorized Service Provider to get it fixed.

Wrap-Up: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Now that you’ve tried all our tips to fix the “iPhone stuck on the Apple logo” issue, do let us know what the culprit was.

Was your iPhone jailbroken and now you’re having issues with it? Was your iPhone running an expired Beta version of iOS?

As a side note, don’t install iOS beta versions on your iPhone unless you’re a developer. Beta versions of OS are only for testing purposes.

A defective lighting cable or damaged USB port can corrupt your iPhone’s software. That’s why it’s critical to only use certified accessories with your iPhone.

If you have any feedback or questions, then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Founder & Editor

Herby has a healthy obsession with all things technology, especially smartphones. He loves to rip things apart to see how they work. He is responsible for the editorial direction, strategy, and growth of Gotechtor.

Herby Jasmin

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