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Finding your lost AirPods when they’re dead or offline is not as easy and straightforward as finding them when they’re online and in range.

Don’t worry! All hope is not lost. This guide will walk you through a few tips that can help you locate your AirPods even if they’re offline or dead. Let’s get started.

What Does “Offline” or “No Location Found” Mean?

Before we go through the tips on how to find AirPods that are offline and dead, it’s important to understand what “Offline” or “No Location Found” means. 

When it comes to misplacing or losing AirPods, there are various scenarios: missing only one earpiece, both earpieces, both earpieces in the Charging Case, or any other combinations of these three.

If your AirPods are out of range of your iDevice or they run out of battery, you have a dead or offline AirPods.

If the Find My app couldn’t locate your AirPods, you will see a “No Location Found” message. In this case, checking the last location of your AirPods with the Find My app will be your best shot of finding them

As you can see, losing AirPods when dead or offline is the worst-case scenario that has to be considered more professionally.

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How to Find AirPods When They’re Dead or Offline

The Find My app is probably the best and most effective way to find your lost AirPods. You can use it to track the location of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS devices, AirPods, and AirTags through a connected iCloud account.

If you lose one or both AirPods outside their charging case, the Find My app can locate them within around 30-60 feet using GPS and Bluetooth data.

Find My AirPods
Find My AirPods. Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

Keep in mind you can only see the “last known location” of your AirPods in the Find My app if they’re dead or offline. You can only use Find My to track your AirPods’ current location if they’ve not run out of battery.

There would be two scenarios when your AirPods died. They could either be in or out of Bluetooth range.

Finding Dead AirPods in Bluetooth Range

If your AirPods died within Bluetooth range, use the Find My app to locate their last known location.

With this kind of information, you’ll have a good chance of finding your lost dead AirPods, unless someone removed them before you could get them.

Finding Dead AirPods Not In Bluetooth Range

If your AirPods were out of Bluetooth range when they died, finding them will become a little bit more tedious.

The Find My app won’t have the best data for you in that case. You’ll need to do a little bit of digging in your memory and put your detective skills at play.

Retrace Your Steps to Find Dead AirPods

Our last tip to find your lost AirPods is to retrace your steps. I know in this frustrating time, the last time you’d want to hear is to try to remember when you last saw your AirPods. But this might be your best option!

Pause for a second and try to remember the last time you knew your AirPods were with you. Search the area carefully without stress and move things around or look where you usually put them when they’re not in use.

I’ve got three pairs of AirPods and I know exactly where they might be if I were to misplace them. They’d either be at my desk, in my car, or in the pockets of my gym shorts.

Sometimes, you might just need to relax and watch a movie or stream music from your laptop or smart TV. You may find your dead AirPods later when you stop looking for them.

Tips to Not Lose Your AirPods

Now that you know there are limitations to finding your AirPods when they are offline and dead, it’s an alert for you to be more cautious about your AirPods.

One of the best ways to prevent losing your AirPods is to keep the charging case with you all the time and put your AirPods in it when you’re not using them. This will make them ready for use any time you need them.

Another way to not lose your AirPods is to buy an Apple AirTag from Amazon. This tiny tracking device will come in handy to help you discover your AirPods when they’re dead or offline.

Wrapping Up: Finding Dead AirPods

If none of the abovementioned solutions helped you find your offline and dead AirPods, you may need to consider buying a new pair.

The AirPods 3 came out not too long ago and have longer battery life than their predecessors. They have up to 6 hours of listening time with a single charge, and up to 30 hours with the charging case.

This battery improvement provides peace of mind of not dealing with dead or offline AirPods. You can check Amazon for the latest price of the 3rd generation AirPods. They’re always running sweet deals.

You’ll also want to buy an AirPods case that can hold the tag. Purchase these three items and never worry about losing your AirPods again whether they’re dead or offline.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, we encourage you to suggest them in the comments below.

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