15 Best Red Eye Remover Apps for iOS and Android

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Nothing impedes a good picture more than a bunch of red eyes among a sea of smiling faces. In fact, red eyes can make a picture of a group of friends seem like a cult of demons.

This unappealing quality, of course, is not a sign of demonic possession, but merely a result of a phenomenon known as the “red-eye effect” which occurs when taking a picture in a dark or dimly lit space with the use of flash.

As the light travels through the pupil and the cornea, it comes to focus on the retina. Because the flash happens in, well, a flash, the eyes don’t have sufficient time to reduce the light entering the eye, so the light is reflected back at the camera, and the reflection manifests itself as red dots in the eye.

Red eyes are certainly one of the least appealing appearances in pictures, as most photographers would attest to. Fortunately, there are a number of red eye remover apps that can easily remove the red-eye markings from any photo, leaving the picture as you meant for it to look.

Best Red Eye Remover Apps Featured in This Roundup

Some of these apps, especially their premium version, offer more features such as the EXIF data removal tool. Feel free to check them out as well. Without further ado, here is the list of the apps that will help you get rid of red eyes from your photos for free.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express
  2. Visage
  3. Pixlr
  4. Eye Color Studio
  5. Cymera
  6. Eye-Color Changer
  7. PicShop Lite
  8. Eye Lens Color Changer
  9. BeautyPlus
  10. FaceTune
  11. Photowonder
  12. YouCam Makeup
  13. Fotor Photo Editor
  14. Fotogenic
  15. Photo Editor By Axiem Systems

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Download: Adobe Photoshop Express for Android | iOS (Free)

Adobe has a long name in the photo editing business, so its free Adobe Photoshop Express tool is well equipped to deal with red eyes in mobile pictures. The program is a much lightweight version of Adobe Photoshop for PCs, containing features that will allow multiple aspects of photo editing.

The basic functions include rotation, picture cropping, filters, frames, strikes, and of course, removal of red eyes. While paid Adobe products offer far more features, Photoshop Express offers plenty in terms of dealing with specifically making the pictured individuals have smiling faces rather than demonic grins.

2. Visage


Download: Visage for Android | iOS (Free)

Visage, available for both Android and iOS users, is a fun, free app that allows for quick photo touch ups including airbrushing of pimples and blemishes, shining up facial features, smoothing out skin appearance, and removing red eyes.

The app allows for pictures to be taken with it directly or by uploading pictures into it. Once the picture is rendered, the user can apply multiple effects or filters to it. The red-eye effect is detected automatically once the photo is uploaded and is then corrected.

3. Pixlr


Download: Pixlr for Android | iOS (Free)

Not only is Pixlr loaded with photo editing options, but it can also be accessed online, and is entirely free to use. The app allows for all the basic photo touch-up and editing features, along with special ones that are typically found in more extensive editing.

Aside from red-eye removal and picture enhancers, users can use special effects to enhance any picture to a more professional appearance by adding frames, borders, and other special effects. The app is available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

4. Eye Color Studio

Eye Color Studio

Download: Eye Color Studio for Android | iOS (Free)

With a name that is right on the nose for the topic being discussed here, Eye Color Studio is an app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, that provides different options for eye color adjustments that let you remove red eyes.

The app’s most interesting eye-related feature is that not only can it remove red-eye effects, but it can also allow the color of the eyes to be changed to any color the user prefers.

5. Cymera


Download: Cymera for Android | iOS (Free)

The SK Communications offering to both Android and iOS platforms, Cymera is an all-in-one photo editing tool that, among other things, removes red eyes from pictures.

It is commonly considered one of the best red eye removal apps. With over 800 design functions and special effects, the picture can be enhanced significantly and altered massively with Cymera’s extensive features.

Varying backgrounds, highlighting facial features, and red-eye removal are just the start of these powerful features. It can even be used as a cartoon maker app to cartoon yourself and create extensive collages. The app’s free version has a ton of features, with the paid version upgrade adding many more.

6. Eye-Color Changer

Eye Color Changer

Download: Eye-Color Changer for Android | iOS (Free)

This free, simple-to-use app can help remove red eyes from pictures and has an additional magic-pupil feature that can change eye colors to all sorts of different sheds.

Unlike some apps that require particular types of faces to be able to adjust eye effects, Eye-Color Changer’s capabilities span across all ages, from babies to adults.

7. PicShop Lite

PicShop Lite

Download: PicShop Lite for Android | iOS (Free)

PicShop Lite is another fine image editing app choice that doesn’t try to get overly complicated with its features, keeping functionality straightforward. Users are presented with bars that they can drag to right or left to reduce or enhance the adjusted attributes.

The app is full of filters and can use features like red-eye removal, blurring reduction, sharpness boosting, color adjustment, auto fix, crop, and a couple of other basic options available in the app’s free version. The premium version unlocks extra features and the ability to frame pictures as well.

8. Eye Lens Color Changer

Eye Lens Color Changer

Download: Eye Lens Color Changer for Android | iOS (Free)

As its name betrays, this app focuses mainly on eye color adjustments. It has many realistic eye color options to choose from and can make the colors of people’s eyes naturally look like they are of a different color than they actually are. Especially when that color is red and you want it gone.

The app however goes further than just changing eye color, giving users the ability to make eyes larger, and even change eyes to ones of animals, or replace them with flags and other special effects.

9. BeautyPlus


Download: BeautyPlus for Android | iOS (Free)

BeautyPlus has quickly grown into one of the most popular glamorization apps around. The easy photo editor allows you to simply edit pictures you either pull in from your library or take from the app.

The app allows users to even edit their selfies, making them look just the way they want. Red-eye in the picture? No problem! An array of editing features will allow the red-eye to be removed.

It is just one of the many features including smoothing out of facial features, darkening or lightening of skin tone, acne eraser, face and body shape corrector, eye enlargement, tooth whitening, etc.

10. FaceTune


Download: FaceTune for Android | iOS (Free)

No matter how many adjustments the photo calls for, the FaceTune app has enough features to help you handle any fix that you feel is necessary.

It allows for photos to be retouched from both Android and iOS platforms, with powerful editing features that rival many other apps in their quantity and quality of performance.

The app can remove red eyes, acne, and scars, as well as adjusting facial shapes and whitening teeth. The best part is how easy it is to accomplish this. Many professional editing tools have complex layering schemes, and while the FaceTune output is not a substitute for professional software, for a free app it does a tremendous job.

11. Photowonder


Download: Photowonder for Android | iOS (Free)

Photowonder is one of the best photo editing apps around. It has many essential tools to get your photos looking significantly better and includes brushes and filters to administer quick and easy effects, with the ability to crop, rotate, and frame photos, remove blemishes and red-eye effects, as well as multiple fun filters. The app even allows for collage compilation to join multiple photos into the same picture.

12. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup

Download: YouCam Makeup for Android | iOS (Free)

Unlike many other photo editing apps, YouCam Makeup just wants you to look like your best self. It takes a no-frills approach while remaining highly effective.

The point of this app is not to make you look like a fake figurine, but rather to enhance the image to the point that you look like the best version of your natural self. Some of the unique photo enhancement tools include lip reshaping, nose enrichment, and other features primarily used by selfie-loving individuals.

13. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor

Download: Fotor for Android | iOS (Free)

Fotor is jammed with image enhancements and filters to give pictures their best possible look. This app gives you the ability to make the best-looking photos from the best pictures in your device’s library. With support for all major picture formats, it even includes a feature typically reserved for premium software editors: raw file processing.

While it is not Photoshop, it does make what it gives the users capability to do much easier. The free version of the app does feature ads, but they are not overwhelming or over intrusive. Overall the app’s goal is to achieve results faster, including fast tap brightening, dimming of overexposed pictures, and color enhancement.

14. Fotogenic


Download: Fotogenic for Android | iOS (Free)

Fotogenic succeeds where many other photo touch-up apps fail because along with its many beauty enhancement features, paint and color adjustments, filters, and texture modifications, the app offers interactive help helping users figure out how to use every feature.

Besides common tools like red-eye removal, complexion enhancement, and tooth whitening, the Fotogenic features also include body modifications, tattoo additions, natural bronzer effects, elimination of unwanted presences, and a defocusing of extraneous inclusions, drawing the attention on just the subject of the photo.

15. Photo Editor By Axiem Systems

Photo Editor By Axiem Systems

Download: Photo Editor By Axiem Systems for Android | iOS (Free)

The free Photo Editor by Axiem Systems is loaded with great features including the basic touch-ups, coloring options, brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments, blemish cleaner, teeth whitening effects, and red-eye removal.

It can sharpen images or apply blur filters to backgrounds to generate a greater focus on the picture’s subject. The pictures can additionally be framed, cropped, rotated, flipped, and even tilted. High-resolution images can be taken right from the app or imported from the device.

The app is integrated with multiple social media platforms where the pictures, with all of their dazzling effects, can be shared with friends and family.

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