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15 Best Android Cleaner Apps to Make Your Phone Run Faster

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Android users are often blindsided by the sheer number of junk files and cache accumulated when using their phones.

The temp files, cookies, logs, and other accumulated data loaded onto the smartphone can be staggering as it quickly takes up a lot of storage space. That’s where Android cleaner apps come in.

Fortunately, there are numerous Android cleaning apps available that are designed to help smartphone users by optimizing and clearing out junk data.

Why You Need an Android Cleaner App

Closing down unused apps, hidden processes, needless storage of useless data, and cache can revive your phone.

It can turn your phone from a cluttered, slow mess to a device that functions well, has better battery life, has more storage for valuable files, and run much faster.

Many of these Android cleaner apps outdo themselves in how efficiently they clean up your device. Even better, most of them have highly effective free versions. Some can even be set to clean up your device at timed intervals.

This way, you think about cleaning it up less, and your device stays smooth and quick without too much effort.

Sure, you can go through the process of cleansing your device on your own. But why do so when there are cleaner apps that will take care of the array of tedious tasks for you in moments?

Let’s take a glance at 15 of the best Android cleaner apps to help keep your device healthy and functioning optimally.

1. CCleaner

Ccleaner app logo

Download CCleaner onAndroid (Free)

Widely considered one of the best cleaning apps for PCs and Macs, CCleaner makes cleaning cache and needless files from your device nearly effortless.

Loaded with optimization tools, CCleaner can help remove redundant data and manage apps. It can simultaneously uninstall multiple apps, all of which reduce the efficiency of your device’s operation.

CCleaner works quickly, ripping through junk files, cache, and orphaned files often left over after uninstalling other apps.

The app will find the most resource-heavy apps or those using resources while hibernating and provide that information to the user with the option of forcing those apps to stop.

2. Norton Clean

Norton app logo

Download Norton Clean onAndroid (Free)

Norton has made a name for itself long ago in the antivirus sphere, but they also pack a serious punch when it comes to their cache cleaner and junk removal app. One of the best parts about the Norton cleaner is its lack of ads.

Aside from clearing junk files off the device, it removes obsolete data, notifies users about rarely used apps, and provides a full report of every cleaning process.

3. Avast Cleanup & Boost

Avast Cleanup and boost

Download Avast Cleanup & Boost onAndroid (Free)

Avast made its name as a provider of robust and powerful antivirus software that was free. The cleaner is equally effective, so it is a popular cleaner app with many users.

It would be hard to come up with a simpler interface, allowing all of the cleaning work to be analyzed and then performed by basically the use of one click.

Avast’s Advanced Cleaning feature performs a deep analysis of your phone’s content, providing the details to assess if data can be removed.

The app can remove multiple unwanted apps from the Android device and permits. It can make certain files that might otherwise qualify for “cleanup” not be eligible for the cleanup listing, like photos and videos that you might be interested in retaining.

4. 360 Booster & Cleaner

360 Booster and cleaner

Download 360 Booster & Cleaner onAndroid (Free)

The 360 Booster & Cleaner will quickly blow away useless apps and junk data with a single touch. It even optimizes apps and games to perform better.

This app is one of the best at quickly removing problems to boost your phone’s speed and efficacy. Plus, it cools down an overheated battery by lessening the taxing pressure of apps that cause it to get too hot.

A couple of hiccups with this app are that it is not updated very often and is stuffed with many frustrating advertisements (that is how the app makes most of its revenue).

5. Powerful Cleaner

Powerful Cleaner logo

Download Powerful Cleaner onAndroid (Free)

Powerful Cleaner lives up to its moniker as a very effective app to clear junk, cache, and orphan files off your device.

The app boosts the phone’s performance and extends the longevity of the battery life. Recovering storage space is as simple as one tap.

The Power Clean app will even monitor the temperature of the device’s CPU and prompt the user to cool it down when it is deemed necessary to do so. All of these features combined power up your device to its optimal performance.

6. Go Speed

Powerful Cleaner app logo

Download Go Speed onAndroid (Free)

If you are looking for a lightweight app comparable in efficacy to many heavy-duty cleaning apps, Go Speed makes a good choice to try out.

Claiming to be 50% more efficient than other Android apps, Go Speed not only cleans junk and cache, but it also stops covertly running apps and prevents their automatic restart.

One of the unique features of Go Speed is the floating memory status widget that can help the user identify when it is time to use the app to address the device’s performance issues.

7. AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner logo

Download AVG Cleaner onAndroid (Free)

As a well-known name in PC optimization and antivirus software, AVG Cleaner is an all-around effective cleanup tool.

This cleaning app cleans up the junk and orphans of uninstalled utilities, helps to free up RAM by removing cache, and deletes duplicate files.

This cleaner app also finds the apps slowing your phone down the most. AVG cleaner puts those apps into hibernation when they are not being used.

It also utilizes a Smart-Photo clean-up by prompting you with blurry photos or duplicates of others, allowing you to delete them to free up storage space on your device.

8. Phone Cleaner

best android cleaner apps

Download Phone Cleaner onAndroid (Free)

Phone Cleaner keeps it straight with the name. This is what it exists for…but ironically, provides you with more cleaning than you might expect.

Not only does it clear the conventional cache and useless file content on your phone, but when you download the Phone Cleaner app, you get a security browser, RAM cleaner, and antivirus software all in one place.

Additionally, it utilizes a Wi-Fi scanner that identifies potential problems or flaws with your Wi-Fi security and advises you to address them.

If you are logged in to a harmful Wi-Fi connection, the app will notify you. That way, you can make the best decision about staying in the network or disconnecting.

9. Droid Optimizer

Droid optimizer app logo

Download Droid Optimizer onAndroid (Free)

Besides the core optimization features, the Droid Optimizer features a handy ‘Good Night Scheduler’ feature.

The Good Night Scheduler can be set to disconnect the phone from WiFi or mobile networks at night time.

This will help preserve battery life, the health, and the longevity of the phone as well. The Droid Optimizer also boosts the device’s memory by freeing up needless usage.

It even awards you points for every clearing in a ranking system and disables unused or background features. Arguably the best part is that there are virtually no intrusive and annoying ads to deal with.

10. Files By Google

Files by Google

Download Files By Google onAndroid (Free)

Google leverages the trust in its name to bring its Files cleaner product as an app to provide the maximum cleaning app to boost your phone’s efficiency. The user is regularly prompted to delete temporary files and other unneeded junk.

There is even a built-in file manager that allows navigation through files and folders. This is a helpful method for identifying larger video or image files that do not need to remain on the device.

File management is, in fact, the primary feature of the app, but the cleaning capabilities go hand in hand with it.

Perhaps you have very old photos on your device that you no longer want on there but do not want to lose.

Files will back these up to your Google Drive for you and remove them from your device to give you back more storage space.

11. iClean

iClean app logo

Download iClean onAndroid (Free)

iClean is more than just a device cleaner. Though it covers the ground of junk removal well enough, it also includes app locks, a robust memory optimizer tool, and an antivirus component.

One of the most promising features of the iClean app is its ability to secure your device from being exploited by unsecured WiFi networks and phishing hotspots.

The antivirus feature is frequently updated with a growing database of known malicious factors to quickly and thoroughly clean them off your device.

12. ACE Cleaner

ACE Cleaner app logo

Download ACE Cleaner onAndroid (Free)

An app with over 10 million downloads must be doing something right. The powerful Ace Cleaner app can clean junk, duplicate, orphan, and cached files, boost RAM, and a single touch auto tap to get rid of stubborn auto-start-up apps.

It helps uninstall unwanted apps and to back up desired ones. It assists in muting annoying notifications and even has a tool specifically for Facebook management.

13. Systweak

Systweak logo

Download Systweak onAndroid (Free)

Systweak provides a great solution for many optimization needs. These include a battery saver, a junk file cleaner, and a duplicate file remover.

If you use your device for gaming, many background apps are likely slowing down your device and hindering your gaming experience.

Systweak closes unnecessary background processes for a better functioning device and a smoother gaming experience.

14. SD Maid

SD Maid app logo

Download SD Maid onAndroid (Free)

Most cleaners cover the basic optimization needs and delete unnecessary files. SD Maid goes a bit deeper, however, by specifically addressing older files on your device that you may never think to look for and many of the other optimization apps could miss.

Sure, I can help with that. Here’s the sentence split into two:

These old files are often leftover from apps you may have uninstalled years ago. Not only are they occupying space on your device, but they might also be running, which could be detrimental to your system.

15. All-In-One Toolbox

All in one toolbox logo

Download All-In-One Toolbox onAndroid (Free)

The All-In-One Toolbox app brings a lot of features to optimize your phone. Here’re some of these features:

  1. History eraser
  2. junk file removal
  3. App manager
  4. Battery enhancer
  5. CPU cooler
  6. Memory optimization
  7. App launcher

It can even block certain unwanted apps from initiating on device start-up, helping your phone boot up faster.

There are additional plug-ins that include a game booster, volume control, and a notification manager.

These tools help block out some of the more intrusive and unnecessary display clutter on your device.

The app can detect poor photos and prompt you to evaluate them for deletion, which helps you get back a lot of storage space.

There is a premium feature that will allow you to utilize additional tools such as regularly scheduled cleanup that does not interrupt your device activity and automatic battery usage adjustments.

Wrap-Up: Android Cleaner Apps

There you have it. This was our list of the 15 best Android cleaner apps.

Now we want to hear from you. Which cleaning app from this list will you try out on your Android phone?

If we missed any of the best cleaning apps for Android, let us know about them in the comments section below.

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Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Herby has a healthy obsession with all things technology, especially smartphones. He loves to rip things apart to see how they work. He is responsible for the editorial direction, strategy, and growth of Gotechtor.

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