What Is the CQATest App and Why It’s on Your Phone?

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If the CQATest app just showed up on your home screen, you must be wondering what is that app and how did it end up on your phone?

In this guide, we’ll let you know all there is to know about this mysterious CQATest app that showed up from nowhere on your Android phone. Let’s dive.

What Is the CQATest App?

The CQATest app, which stands for Certified Quality Auditor, helps developers in testing the performance of applications on some Android phones, especially Motorola devices.

The app is useful for all partners and developers working on mobile devices by ensuring that all mobile apps operate consistently and with high quality.

What Is the Purpose of the CQATest App?

The sole purpose of the CQATest app is to monitor the status of the operating system and hardware systems such as the camera, mic, display, fingerprint sensor, and more.

The app collects these reports and sends them to the development team. Don’t worry, the CQATest app doesn’t include any of your personal data in these reports.

So in the end the collection of these data will improve your experience of using the manufacturer’s phone and services.

How Did the CQATest App End Up on Your Android Phone? 

The CQATest app is a diagnostic tool that is available on a few models of Android smartphones. But it isn’t accessible to users as it is a system app and developers keep system apps hidden. So, it shouldn’t be visible in the app drawer. 

If the CQATest app ended up showing in the app drawer or your home screen, something may be wrong with your phone.

Is the CQATest App Harmful? 

No, the CQATest app is not malicious and will not cause any problems to your phone.

However, some users have reported all sorts of issues with their phones when the CQATest app showed up in the app drawer. This can ruin the user experience and render their smartphones unusable. 

We’re not entirely sure why this may happen though since this app was developed to detect but not to create bugs.

Issues You May Face Due to the CQATest Application

Here are some of the issues you may face when the CQATest app becomes visible on your phone:

Tips to Remove CQATest App from Your Android Mobile

It’s recommended not to remove the CQATest app on your mobile since its purpose is to detect and send diagnostic reports to the developer’s team.

If you start experiencing issues after the CQATtest app appeared on your phone, follow the instructions below to get your phone back to normal.

1. Force Stop the App 

We would recommend you uninstalling the application but this is a system app we are talking about. So, you can’t remove it. But you can stop its activity altogether. 

  1. Open the Settings app and select the Apps option. 
  2. Enable the Show System Apps option and search for CQATest. Locate the app and tap on it.  
  3. After that, tap on the Force Stop option at the bottom. 

The app will still be on your smartphone but all its activity will be stopped completely. It won’t bother you anymore. 

2. Clear Cache 

Force-stopping the application is the easiest way to stop the CQATest activity. That being said, it might be effective in some cases.

In that case, you might want to clear the app cache after completing the previously listed steps to Force Stop CQATest. Here’s what to do. 

  1. Open the Settings app and select the Apps option. 
  2. Enable the Show System Apps option and search for CQATest. Locate the app and tap on it.  
  3. On the App Info page, tap on the Storage option.
  4. On the following page, you will find the Clear Cache option at the bottom. Tap on it. 

Everything should be fine after clearing the app cache. If it doesn’t, there’s no need to be worried. There are more fixes.  

3. Wipe Cache Partition 

If you are still bothered by the CQATest app, you can try wiping the cache partition. But for this step, you need to access the Recovery Mode. let’s check out the steps. 

  1. Connect your Android smartphone to the charging cable and connect the opposite USB end to a computer or a laptop. 
  2. Power Off the Android device.
  3. Now, hold the Power button and the Volume Up buttons for a few seconds. The device will enter Recovery Mode
  4. Use the volume buttons to highlight the Wipe Cache Partition option.  
  5. Then, hit the Power button to execute. 
Execute Wipe Cache Partition from the Recovery Mode Android
Select Wipe Cache Partition. Image: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor

If this doesn’t work, your last resort would be to restore your device to the factory default.  

4. Factory Reset 

Finally, if you have no other means left to fix your mobile, Factory Reset is the only option. This is an exceptionally effective method but it also has a risk. 

Performing the Factory Reset will also erase all the data from your device. So, back up your device before moving forward with this process.

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to General Management
  2. Tap on the Reset option and then select Factory Data Reset
  3. Tap on it to initiate the procedure. Lastly, tap on the Blue Reset Button to execute. 
Restore the Android Device to Factory Default
Factory Data Reset the Android Smartphone. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor

This is the easiest way to reset the device to factory default. Now, if you are having trouble operating the device properly due to the CQATest errors, you can always use an alternate way to reset the device. 

For this, you have to visit the Recovery Mode again. You can check out the steps for that in the previous fix.

After entering the recovery mode, simply, use the Volume buttons to select the Factory Data Reset option and hit the Power button to execute.  

Final Thoughts on the CQATest App

The idea of the CQAtest or Motorola-specific testing app on Android is to ensure that the apps on your phone perform to the highest standards.

The manufacturer is at a loss if they are able to develop a smartphone that performs perfectly but the apps that they design do not follow suit.

CQATest is supposed to help developers catch and smooth out any problems the earlier you detect them, the better.

In doing so, developers can make sure that the apps they design will be compatible with future upgrades and devices.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, we encourage you to suggest them in the comments below.

Writer, Android

Saurav is passionate about tech. He loves sorting through tech jargon and making sense out of them. When he's not working, he is most likely on a date with his gaming PC.

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