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15 Best Thermometer Apps for iPhone and Android

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A good thermometer app will help you easily measure your body and room temperature. In the pandemic world, many places require that we measure our own temperatures before entering the premises, and ending up without one upon arrival, especially when one is not provided, can present a challenge.

For that reason, it is especially useful to carry a thermometer with us all the time. However, no reasonable person would do something like that with the actual apparatus.

Luckily, with the evolution of technology, the convenience of a thermometer can now be in our pocket or purse anytime in the form of a mobile app. Check this list for all the things replaced by your smartphone so far.

While all thermometer apps ultimately perform the same basic function, i.e. measure a person’s temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, some have additional features users might find useful. All will display in slightly varying ways, making some more appealing than others to a user’s preference.

Of course, a thermometer app will not be as precise as an actual thermometer due to obvious limitations, but many apps come very close to being entirely reliable.

We have compiled a list of the top best 15 thermometer apps for the iOS and Android platforms for you, so you are never caught without a thermometer when you need it again.

1. iThermonitor

Download: iThermonitor for Android | iOS (Free)

The iThermonitor app is the leading choice for people who are looking for a thermometer app for their smartphones.

After its most recent upgrade, the app’s interface got a significant facelift, showing a gorgeous and intuitive display.

iThermonitor is not limited to just straight temperature checks either. It charts and logs repeated temp measurements and graphs the progression of a fever. This enables a patient or a parent to share the trended fever information with the physician.

The app can be set to collect temperature regularly, with the periods in between being as short as 4 seconds.

iThermonitor even conducts a professional analysis of the body temperatures through its association collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital.

2. Finger Body Temperature

Download: Finger Body Temperature for Android | iOS (Free)

This app operates simply by opening it and placing your finger on the phone to get a temperature readout. This makes collecting your body temp easy and intuitive.

However, due to its simplicity, the app doubles as a prank app, which allows for the readout of the temperature to be manipulated so you can jokingly convince friends that either yours or their fevers are through the roof.

3. Real Thermometer

Download: Real Thermometer for Android | iOS (Free)

Who said a thermometer only needed to be used for measuring our body temperature? Perhaps you want to know the temperature outside or in a home. How about an app that can do both?

Real Thermometer is an easy app that tells you, ambient temps, letting you know what the temperature is around you.

The app can also read your body temp, and can even be used to check temperatures of different regions by plugging in the zip code to get the local weather forecast. 

4. Smart Thermometer

Download: Smart Thermometer for Android (Free)

While many thermometer apps focus on ambient temperature approximation, Smart Thermometer focuses on getting precise readouts and being intuitive in its UI interface.

The app can check temperatures at regular intervals and is capable of charting a temperature history, to help you or your physician to analyze the temperature trend.

Devices that do not have temperature sensors can still use the Smart Thermometer app. They just require internet access and location identification turned on in order to access and relay external temperature based on the temperature of the nearby areas.

5. Smarttemp

Download: Smarttemp for iOS (Free)

Smarttemp is another free temperature app that users can utilize to easily get temperatures on their various smart devices.

The app has a unique feature where every family member can have their own profile for tracking temperatures, making it easy to distinguish between whose temperature readings are being tracked.

Smarttemp also features a helpful reminder feature if the users need assistance remembering when to take a temperature next.

6. iCelsius

Download: iCelsius for Android | iOS (Free)

The iCelsius converts your smartphone into a full-on, multi-use thermometer. It records the temperature’s data and graphs it for analysis by the user or their physician.

The app can measure bodily temp for devices with a temp sensor, informing you when it is too high or too low with indicators.

It can actually also be used to figure out the temperature of household appliances, as well as cooking ingredients, tea, coffee, and wine.

7. Thermo

Download: Thermo for Android | iOS (Free)

Thermo is an easy-to-use free app, much like many of its counterparts. It allows you to search for temperatures in different locations based on a geographical location in either Farenheight or Celcius.

Simply sharing your location allows a quick return of temperatures in the region. It is capable of also reading body temperatures for devices that have the body temp measuring capability.

8. Fever Tracker

Download: Fever Tracker for Android (Free)

Fever tracker is used by many as a prank application, able to manipulate a fever history that they use may have had. However, it is not all fun and games.

The app has the capability of measuring body temperatures in two easy steps by just having the user press their finger on a fingerprint scanning image while the app gathers the necessary information.

It will track the fever history to be presented for analysis by your physician. Currently, this free app is available only for the Android platform.

9. Thermometer & Hygrometer

Download: Thermometer & Hygrometer for Android | iOS (Free)

If you are looking for an app that measures the ambient temperature, as well as humidity levels and wind speed, then Thermometer & Hygrometer is the app you want.

The app allows you to get the temperature levels of your local area as well as the percentage levels of humidity in both Fahrenheit and Celcius readouts, with the ability to toggle between the two.

The temperature provided by the app is based on geographical location, so it will not display room temperature, just basing the data it gets on the locally available weather reporting.

10. Thermometer ++

Download: Thermometer ++ for Android | iOS (Free)

Thermometer ++ keeps things simple but efficient by displaying local temperature readouts based on geographic location, as well as humidity and atmospheric pressure.

You can receive your temperature readouts in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The app is very popular across both Android and iOS platforms, already garnering more than 5 million downloads.

11. Easy BBQ

thermometer apps

Download: Easy BBQ for Android | iOS (Free)

Sometimes you need a thermometer based specifically on cooking. Easy BBQ makes the collection of food temperature simple and can monitor the degrees in real-time.

The app has preset temperatures for various foods, exhibiting the ideal temperatures for cooking many different types of meat and informing the user about when the ideal temperatures are reached.

12. Digital Thermometer

Download: Digital Thermometer for Android | iOS (Free)

Some thermometers and their apps can be hard to read as they run the temperature across a hard-to-see degree line or scale.

The Digital Thermometer app takes a modern, yet simple approach by outputting all of the returned temperatures in the form of easy-to-understand, digital readouts.

It is capable of measuring ambient room temperature, informing you of outside temps based on your geographical location from indoors, and delivering a lot of information including altitude, humidity, wind, speed, as well as the geographical longitude and latitude.

13. Thermometer

Download: Thermometer for Android | iOS (Free)

Thermometer is a no-nonsense app, but it is efficient at what it does. It is very lightweight, taking up only 2MB of memory, but its unique characteristic is that it can read the indoor temperature while being offline.

For outdoor temperature readings, the Thermometer app will require that the device be connected to the internet.

You can also drill down into the details that appear on your phone, and it makes use of a widget that is also provided via the app to get additional information.

14. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

thermometer apps

Download: Kinsa Smart Thermometer for Android | iOS (Free)

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer app is not simply used for temperature taking, but also for keeping a fever log, medication schedules, and tracking the health app of every family member.

When an illness is suspected, the app can even be used to link to information online to get some ideas about how to proceed with treatment.

The app has a free option, as well as a paid one that includes some extra features, including reminders for medication administration sent as an alert right to the user’s device.

15. HD Thermometer

thermometer apps

Download: HD Thermometer for Android | iOS (Free)

Formerly available only for the iPhone, but now expanded to Android, the HD Thermometer app is one of the easiest and best thermometer apps out there. In order to use this app most effectively, GPS needs to be enabled on the device.

This allows the app to go out and collect data online from nearby weather reporting sources, and inform the user in an easy, readable manner what the temperature is outside. Temperature can read the indoor temperature as well.

Wrap-Up: Best Thermometer Apps

There you have it–a comprehensive list of the best thermometer apps you can download now. Whether you use an iPhone or Android, you should find a thermometer app that responds to your needs in this list.

Did you find other cool thermometer apps that we missed in this guide? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll add them here for future readers!

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Herby has a healthy obsession with all things technology, especially smartphones. He loves to rip things apart to see how they work. He is responsible for the editorial direction, strategy, and growth of Gotechtor.

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