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Google Maps is a lifesaver. With Google Maps, you can find your way around an unknown area, check out the amount of traffic on your route beforehand, or even check out locations and reviews of places without going there.

A significant advantage of Google Maps is navigation while driving. With the hands-off approach, you can listen to directions straight from the app without checking your phone. Voice navigation makes navigation with Google Maps safer and easier.

But what happens when you stop hearing voice directions from Google Maps? Driving in an unknown city would be stressful and pose a safety risk if you have to look at your phone screen for directions.

This article explains why Google Maps isn’t talking or giving directions and how to fix the problem. Stay with us!

What Is Google Maps?

Google Maps is an online mapping platform created by Google. With Google maps, you have maps of streets and cities, pictures of locations, reviews, AR directions, real-time traffic conditions, and routes for different transport means (car, bus, air, foot, etc.).

Google Maps has voice navigation features to help you navigate your area with ease while driving and taking directions.

Why Is Google Maps Not Talking or Giving Directions?

The most common cause of Google Maps not talking is a muted voice navigation option. If the voice navigation option is muted, the directions will be given, but you won’t be able to hear them.

Other reasons why Google Maps is not talking or giving directions include the following:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Low media volume settings
  • Outdated Google Maps app
  • Connection to a Bluetooth device
  • Soft navigation volume in Google Maps settings
  • Corrupted app cache

How to Fix Google Maps Not Talking or Giving Directions

If you cannot hear your directions on your Google Maps device, you should check if your volume button is turned up. If the volume is low, you will be unable to hear the directions properly. To increase your device’s volume, press the volume up button at the side of your device. You should also increase the volume of your car speakers if your phone is disconnected.

1. Allow Voice Directions to Download

You might be unable to hear the voice directions because they haven’t been downloaded yet. If you have a poor internet connection, your voice directions might not download or, at best, take a long time to do so.

To fix this, make sure you have data on your phone and a strong connection. You can also connect to WiFi. Then, leave your Google Maps app open and wait for the voice directions to download.

You should now be able to hear your directions. If this fix doesn’t work, don’t fret. One of the fixes we have is bound to fix the “Google Maps not talking or giving directions” problem.

2. Restart Your Phone

If the problem still persists after you have tried downloading the voice directions and increasing your volume, it might be caused by a system glitch.

Rebooting your phone will clear the RAM and all processes running on the phone. This gives your device a fresh start and can help to clear bugs.

To reboot your Android Device, please follow these steps:

  • Long-press the ON/OFF button on the side of your device until you get a prompt like the one below.
Restart your device to clear RAM.
Restart Your Phone. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

Note: The interface you get may differ from the image above if you have a different Android brand. The buttons will still be the same.

3. Unmute Voice Directions

Voice directions might be muted on the Google Maps app itself. When muted, you cannot hear the traffic conditions or the voice directions to your destination.

Unmuting voice directions is pretty easy. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Put in your destination and start the directions.
Unmute Voice Directions. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

Choose a sound mode from the options on the There are three options:

  • Muted: This turns off all alerts and voice directions. The icon is a speaker crossed out.
  • Alerts Only: This mode reduces the number of turn-by-turn directions. It will only alert you about changing traffic conditions. The icon for this is a speaker with an exclamation mark beside it.
  • Unmuted: This allows all sounds and alerts to be played by the app. This is a speaker icon standing alone.

Choose the Unmuted option. This will allow you to hear all the voice directions.

4. Change Mute State in Settings

The Voice Direction might be muted in the Google Maps navigation settings. This will cause Google Maps not to talk or give directions.

You can change this in the settings by following these steps:

  • Open the Google Maps app and click on your profile icon at the top right.
Profile icon in google maps
Click on the Profile Icon. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on Settings.
Settings in Google Maps
Settings in Google Maps. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Go to Navigation Settings.
Navigation Settings in Google Maps
Navigation Settings. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Change the Mute State to Unmuted.
Change mute state to unmuted.
Change Mute State to Unmuted. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

Now, when you start your trip, you should be able to hear your voice’s directions.

5. Change the Guidance Volume

If the Guidance Volume is too low or soft, it would seem like the Google Maps app isn’t talking or giving directions.

You can change that by going to the Navigation settings like we did in the previous fix and changing the guidance volume to Louder.

Choose a louder guidance volume
Louder Guidance Volume. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

You want also to check your device volume because something might cause the volume on your Android phone to go down.

6. Turn On Play Voice Over Bluetooth

If your phone is connected to your car’s Bluetooth speaker, you will need to enable Play Voice Over Bluetooth in settings.

  • Click on your profile icon in the Google Maps app and then go to Settings.
  • Click on Navigation Settings.
Navigation settings in google maps
Navigation Settings. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Turn on the button for Play Over Bluetooth.
Play voice over Bluetooth
Play Voice Over Bluetooth. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

You can also turn on Play Voice During Phone Calls for good measure. This will allow you to hear the directions even when you are on a call.

7. Reset Bluetooth

Resetting your Bluetooth can fix problems when connecting to your car’s Bluetooth speaker.

Swipe down from the top of your screen and tap on the Bluetooth icon to turn it off. Wait a few seconds, and then turn it on again.

The “Google Maps not talking or giving directions” problem should be fixed now.

Bluetooth icon
Bluetooth. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

Alternatively, you can turn off Bluetooth and use your phone’s speakers for directions instead of your car’s.

8. Clear Google Maps App Cache

Clearing the app cache can help to free up space on your Android phone and solve glitches and bugs.

Follow these steps to clear the cache of the Messages app:

  • Go to Settings and then click on Apps.
  • In the apps list, look for the Google Maps app.
  • Go to its Storage.
  • Click on Clear Cache.

9. Force Stop Google Maps

Force-stopping the app might fix the “Google Maps not talking or giving directions” problem. Force-stopping an app is one way of restarting it. And restarting the Google Maps app can fix the problem.

Follow these steps to force stop Google Maps:

  • Go to Settings and select the Google Maps app from the Apps panel.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the Force Stop button.
force stop Google Maps
Force Stop Google Maps. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

10. Update Google Maps

If your app is not up to date, it might not get the bug fixes rolled out by the app.

Updating an app is a straightforward process. Open the Google Play Store app, search for Google Maps and click Update.

Update Google Maps
Update Google Maps. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

If there is no update button, your app is up to date.

11. Uninstall and Reinstall Google Maps

A quick uninstall and reinstall might be all you need to fix the “Google Maps not talking or giving directions” problem.

Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall Google Maps:

  • Go to Google Play Store and search for Google Maps.
  • Click on Uninstall.
  • Wait for the uninstall to finish.
  • Click on Install.

Now, try using the Voice Directions. You will be able to hear them.

12. Update Your Android Device

An out-of-date Android version can cause problems for your phone and its apps. Regular updates allow your Android device to work optimally and get rid of bugs.

To update your Operating System, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and select Software Update.
Software update tab
Click on Software Update. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • If there is an update available, click on Download and Install.
Click on Download and Install
Download Software Updates. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on Download to start the software update.
Click download
Click Download. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

Wait for the OS to install. After updating and installing, the “Google Maps not talking or giving directions” problem will be gone.

Final Thoughts on Fixing “Google Maps Not Talking or Giving Directions

Navigating an unknown location while driving can be tricky without voice directions. With our solutions, you will soon be able to listen to your voice directions on Google Maps and drive safely.

  • Allow Voice Directions to Download
  • Restart Your Phone
  • Unmute Voice Directions
  • Change Mute State in Settings
  • Change the Guidance Volume
  • Turn On Play Voice Over Bluetooth
  • Reset Bluetooth
  • Clear Google Maps App Cache
  • Force Stop Google Maps
  • Update Google Maps
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Google Maps
  • Update Your Android Device

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to suggest them in the comment section below.

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