3 Simple Ways to Back up Android Phone Fast

how back up android phone

How to back up my Android phone?

Does Google back up Android Phones?

Backing up your device is always a good practice, no matter how well Android phones are getting at automatically backing up data.

There’s nothing worse than losing everything on your phone to later realize you never had a backup. In this article, you’ll discover how to fully and properly back up your Android phone.

How to back up Android phone

With Google

how back up android phone

Google has made is pretty easy to back up your data. Go to Settings > Accounts and sync > tap on your Google account and make sure you check off everything. By doing that all your  your apps, contacts, system settings, calendar, and e-mail will be restored whenever you use that same Google account to set up a new Android phone.

While you’re in Settings, go to Backup and reset then check off Backup my data and Automatic restore. After that, tap on Backup Account to add your Google account. So when you reinstall an app you can restore backed up settings and data. Depending on what Android phone you have, the process might be a little bit different, but it’s the same idea.

Bear in mind Google will not back up photos, videos, and SMS. Keep reading, we’ll show you how to backup photos and videos on Android.

Photos and Videos

how back up android phone

Google Photos is life saver. If you’re not already using this app, you should be because you’re missing out big time. This app backs up every photo and video you take on your phone to the cloud. Make sure to set your files to automatically back up your files. To do that, just head to Google Photos Settings, tap on Back up and sync then turn on the toggle next to it.

So all your photos and videos will be available on any device you sign in with your Google account. You can choose how you photos should be saved. While you’re in Back up and sync section, just tap on Upload size to choose how you want to upload your photos. Go download it and you’ll never lose a photo again.

Third-party backup app

how back up android phone

There are a ton of backup apps to back up almost everything on your phone. Some of the most popular are Helium, My Backup Pro, Super backup, they all work with an unrooted device. For Super backup, not all features will be available if your Android is not rooted.

I personally recommend My Backup Pro, it’s been around for quite a while and works like a charm. You can download it from the Google Play Store for $6.99. It’s kind of expensive for a backup app, but you’ll never have to worry about backing up you data. Just download it, set up a few settings then you’re set.

The app will back up app data, browser bookmarks, photos, contacts, system setting, calendars, alarms, Text messages (SMS), Message attachments (MMS), music, Home Screen Shortcuts and Wallpaper etc. You can schedule multiple backups to different locations at your convenience. The backup files will be saved either locally to your phone (SD card) or to their online secure servers, which is accessible on My Backup Pro website.

I hope today you learned how to back up your Android phone. If you liked this article please recommend and/or share it with your friends, so they can benefit from it too.

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