10 Best Torrent Clients for Free and Safe Downloads

Here are the best torrent clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

best torrent clients

Downloading files is as common as anything these days, however, those looking to download large files can find themselves arduously waiting for what feels like an eternity, especially when many other users are attempting to acquire that same file, potentially from the same server. Torrenting has eliminated the delay from this process by allowing chunk downloading of the same large file from multiple different sources, avoiding putting the burden on anyone in particular.

The utilization of torrent downloads is performed through a medium that conducts the operation, known commonly as a torrent client. Over the last decade and a half, there has been a boom in the growth in terms of torrent client variety. Use one of our top torrent sites to make sure that you’re using your new torrent client in the best way possible.

Since every client has its own particular features and quirks, knowing which is the best for one’s particular needs can prove challenging. Some clients are straightforward, bells and whistles free, performing the straight-up job of downloading files. Some clients are more advanced, featuring a slew of add-ons for more nuanced functionality.

Keep in mind that no matter what torrent client you use, you’ll want a VPN for torrenting to keep your activity hidden from prying eyes. The following list collects 10 of the more reputable torrent client choices and addresses some of their key features and pitfalls with the hopes of providing at least a few good options for users of any torrent use needs.

Best Torrent Clients

  1. qBittorrent
  2. uTorrent
  3. Deluge
  4. Vuze
  5. BitTorrent
  6. Transmission
  7. BiglyBT
  8. Tixati
  9. BitLord
  10. WebTorrent Desktop


qbittorrent torrent client
qBittorent Download Interface

Frequent torrent users enjoy using the qBittorrent client as it is built with them in mind. It’s packed with many useful features including native encryption capabilities, a built-in media player, the ability to create their own torrents, choose priority for torrent downloads, and a quick, robust search engine to find what you need efficiently. It employs an RSS feeder as well so you can stay updated on the latest stuff available.

qBittorrent client runs on all major platforms (Linux, OS/2, Windows, macOS, etc). So anyone can use it, however, while it is fine for newbies to torrenting, it caters more to more experienced users, as there is a bit of a learning curve that is easier to master to those who have previously interacted with torrenting technology in the past.

Having said that, highly experienced torrent users who utilize this client might find that compared to some other torrent clients, the feature list is actually smaller.

The qBittorrent engine is open source and free. The free part usually comes with the caveat that the client must make its money somehow, and therefore leverages lots of frustrating ads to pull in some ad revenue. However, that is not the case here. qBittorrent uses no advertisements nor is it bundled with any additional software.


utorrent torrent client
Screenshot: uTorrent

uTorrent is one of the oldest torrent engines, having been around for over 15 years, and even though it is not an open-source system, it remains one of the most popular. It is very lightweight and a great choice for those looking to not wear down their system resources, with the app being shockingly small in size.

The app is both beginner and expert friendly, as it provides many features and leans heavily into efficiency and performance. Its interface is easy to navigate with a top-based menu bar and a quick access menu on the left. The center displays the current progress of the currently downloading torrents. All of this combines for a solid and comfortable user experience.

uTorrent has multiple versions. The basic (classic) version can be downloaded for free, but it is ad-supported. For what it’s worth, uTorrent has a concerning past in terms of security vulnerabilities, though to the credit of BitTorrent, which does not own uTorrent but has been maintaining it for years, they patch the problems quickly. 

Of course, the free version is pretty limited in terms of features as well, which may not be ideal for expert users. An ad-free version can be acquired to get rid of the ads at the low cost of just $4.95 per year. Users who wish to move beyond that level to a tier that is more secure and more loaded with advanced features can opt for either the $19.95 per year pro version, or the $69.95 per year Pro + VPN version, with the latter equipped with CyberGhost Premium VPN.


Deluge torrent client
Screenshot: Deluge

Another popular, free, cross-platform torrent client is Deluge. It has also been around for a long time and has a good reputation for being greatly customizable. This versatility is promoted largely by the fact that it has many plug-in extensions which allow users to construct the Deluge client version to operate in their way.

Beyond the cross-form compatibility, it also has the benefits of being easy to use with the feature of a clean interface that is easy to navigate around intuitively. It looks very basic, bare-bones, plain, but the number of plugins it supports makes it much more powerful than many other torrent clients out there.

Deluge is open source, meaning that its users can quickly address any security concerns if any arise. As with any other torrent, VPN use is highly recommended, though Deluge does provide an option for enhanced encryption and even utilizes Message Stream encryption and Protocol Encryption techniques for additional security later that also helps privacy. This can greatly help to mitigate the problem of throttled speeds from downloading torrents.


Vuze torrent client
Vuze Download Interface

Vuze may have a serious claim to be one of the best torrent clients around, with a few notable dings in its armor. It is certainly one of the best options from the standpoint of utilization, ease of navigation, and the overload of features, but it isn’t open source and it is a bit of a beast on system resources.

Formerly known as Azureus, Vuze has been in existence for the better part of two decades, so its interface having a lot of time to be designed and polished in the best possible manner. Its longevity also means that there are a ton of expert users who can offer quick answers to beginners’ questions on community quick links, forums, and through wiki knowledge base articles. It is also available on every mainstream operating system platform.

Vuze’s security is challenging to evaluate due to its closed-source nature, but by reputation, the safety of its use seems solid, though VPN usage is of course recommended as always.

Vuze has a free version that has certain features but is ad-supported. The Vuze Plus version features no ads and is available for a low $3.99 monthly subscription fee when subscribed for a year, $4.99 for six months, and $9.99 for each month individually on a month-to-month plan.

The features include a Yahoo-powered search function, including which search hits are currently being downloaded, a supported RSS for interesting download subscriptions, a remote app that allows for downloads to be controlled via a remote smart device, an HD video player, and an extensive library of plug-in features. The Vuze Plus version features a built-in anti-virus, elimination of ads, and a ‘Play Now’ feature which can start playing partially downloaded torrent files on the spot.


Bittorrent torrent client
BitTorrent Download Interface

BitTorrent is arguably the best-known name in the torrent downloading realm, and for good reason. It has a clean, intuitive interface, an overabundance of features, and a free version that is easy to download and utilize. Its visual appeal is a big draw for users of both expert and novice levels alike, though the basic version is plagued by ads that interfere with its otherwise minimalistic design.

BitTorrent is great on the performance end, lacking a steep learning curve by hiding many of the more complex features from the menu, requiring expert users to find what they are looking for under some more generalized, high-level options.

Because it is a closed-source client, the security depends entirely on the efficacy of the code by its developers, and it does get flagged with some questionable aspects when scanned by multiple antivirus apps. While some are false positives, it does point to the reason for them occurring and that is the bundled software included with the BitTorrent model which is generally unwanted and irritating.

BitTorrent has some variants. BitTorrent Web available for macOS and Windows and comes with the basic, pro, and pro+vpn versions, with the former being ad-supported and free, the middle for an annual cost of $19.95 per year, and the CyberGhost VPN supported (for 5 devices) $69.95 per years later version.

The classic version is also available in multiple (4 versions), with a free, ad-based basic version, a $4.95 ad-free version (per year), as well as the Pro and Pro-VPN models comparable in features to the BitTorrent Web. However, this is only available for Windows platforms. Additionally, the remote connection of BitTorrent Android is available for $2.99 per month in a Pro version and a free ad-supported version.


Transmission torrent client
Transmission Download Interface

Transmission might not be as well known as some of the bigger names, but it is another good option for an open-source torrent client that integrates well with all operating systems that are widely used. It is not resource-intensive, offering a good lightweight interface, and foregoes bundling any annoying toolbars and ads.

Its interface is clean and easy to use with plenty of customizable settings and extensive features. It supports encryption, IP filtering, remote control, download scheduling, and supports embedded systems like personal servers, Raspberry Pi, NAS, and others. Users report quicker download speeds and a good range of add-on features.

Because it is open-source, there is more visibility to its potential security flaws, having it be addressed by its more expert users quickly. That being said, there might be nefarious users who plant malware in unofficial builds, so it is good to scan anything downloaded from open-source programs in general.

Two notable features absent from Transmission however are proxy server support and search engine for seeking out desired download potentials.


Biglybt torrent client
BiglyBT Download Interface

BiglyBT is a bit of a spin-off from Vuze, though not quite as bloated with extraneous packaged downloads as its brethren. BiglyBT uses Java, which is generally more intensive on the CPU than some other torrent clients. However, where it really shines is in its features.

Swarm Discovery generates a new window with recommended torrents based on the currently downloading ones. If you are looking for a particular format, and cannot find videos in such a format, the Device Support plug-in will let you convert between multiple file-formats better usable for your needs.

It even supports content streaming to other devices like set-top boxes, tablets, and game consoles. The application can be controlled through a remote device, features RSS subscription feeds, features playback options for downloading media, and offers a decentralized chat.

Most importantly, it features no ads, which makes it Vuze’s ad-free counterpart that may not be as well known, yet in many ways better.


Tixati torrent client
Image Credit: Tixati

Perhaps Tixati looks older than most other clients but it is no slouch when it comes to supporting all the key modern torrent client features including sequential downloads, magnet link, torrent prioritization, and more.

Beyond that, Tixati offers detailed data operation breakdown, including the location of IP addresses leaching from, as well as a bandwidth measure tool and an event logger that tracks all torrenting activity performed from both ends of downloading spectrum.

With privacy and security always paramount, Tixati, like other popular torrents is always recommended to be run with a VPN connection.

Tixati is ad-free and fast, consuming very little CPU, and engaging in the minimalist interface design that it is so popular with many users. It is free but offers a more advanced feature lineup than many other torrent clients’ free versions do.


Bitlord torrent client
BitLord Download Interface

Available only for Mac and Windows systems, without a mobile counterpart, BitLord has been modeled more like the Deluge torrent client. It is a simply laid-out interface, which is free though not open-source, supported by potentially annoying ads. It does however contain many useful torrent features like individual file bandwidth control, encryption, a search bar for finding torrent content, a media player, and a download scheduler.

Other interesting features include a subtitle feature that can be activating for streaming media and torrents can be commented on by users as well. There is even casting ability, allowing for files to be broadcast to game systems, streamers, and other smart devices.

The installation is simple and a free trial of SpyOff VPN is offered along with the client’s installation for additional safety. However, since not all VPNs are comparable in terms of safety, users may consider utilizing another, more reputable VPN while torrenting.

WebTorrent Desktop

Webtorrent torrent client
WebTorrent Desktop Download Interface

WebTorrent Desktop is a feature treasure trove, which is impressive considering that the client is absolutely free to install and use. It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, and offers a fast download attribute, making it possible to quickly download multiple torrents simultaneously with speed and efficiency.

It allows yet to be fully completed torrents to be streamed and the interface is easy and comprehensive to use. Generally, this client is a pathway to connect to WebTorrent and BitTorrent peers without having to put up with any ads. The creation of torrents is also very simple, with a simple drag & drop feature.

The client is lightweight and open source, meaning that security vulnerabilities do not have to fall on a team of developers, rather being open to the wide breadth of knowledge that is available online. One of the most exciting aspects is that the WebTorrent desktop is not paired with any packaged software that could introduce undesirable concerns to your system’s security.

Choosing the Best Torrent Client

There you have it. We’ve presented you the 10 best Torrent clients for all your download needs. Whether you’re looking for a feature-rich, ad-free, or clean UI torrent client, you should find something in this roundup.

Remember to always use a VPN for all your torrent activities. You may get into trouble if you download copyrighted files.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.