How updating apps in iOS 13 has completely changed

The Updates tab has been tucked away under your Apple ID profile picture.

update apps ios 13

The newly released iOS 13 brought a bunch of small changes under the hood, and the way iPhone users used to update their apps is one of them. Yes, that has changed too.

Updating iOS apps was pretty obvious on iOS 12 and older versions. You open the App Store and hit the Updates tab where you can update all your apps at once by tapping the Update All button or you just the ones you want.

They removed the Updates tab to make room for the Apple Arcade, a new service that Apple announced back in June at its WWDC.

So where did Updates go in iOS 13?

Here’s how you update your iPhone apps in iOS 13.

1) Open the App Store on your iPhone with iOS 13 installed.

2) Tap your Apple ID profile picture in the top-right corner of the screen.

3) Scroll halfway down, if any updates are available, they’ll appear under the Upcoming Automatic Updates section.

If that section is missing, swipe down on the screen to refresh the App Store. If nothing shows up, there are most likely no updates available to any apps you have installed on your iPhone.

4) Press on Update All to update all your apps. You can tap on the Update button next to each app to update them individually.

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