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Android Volume Keeps Going Down? (Do this First!)

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Chizara is a technical writer who loves learning new things and sharing her knowledge with people in simple, clear terms. As part of her coursework, she is learning about Extended Reality and the Metaverse. She currently serves as a writer at Gotechtor covering all things Android.

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It is annoying when the volume on your Android phone keeps going down. This problem can hamper your music listening experience or stops your phone from ringing.

Many Android users experience the “volume keeps going down” problem. Don’t worry if your Android volume is just going down on its own. One of our fixes will surely fix the problem.

This article will explain why this happens and walks you through several troubleshooting steps to fix this issue. Let’s get into it.

Why Does Your Volume Keep Going Down?

There are many reasons why the volume keeps going down on Android. Most of the time, a stuck or malfunctioning volume button is to blame. There are also times when your volume keeps going down because of software glitches, malfunctioning apps, or user-defined settings.

Other reasons include the following:

  • Hardware defects
  • Third-party app interference
  • Bugs
  • Android volume protection rules
  • Incoming notifications
  • Out-of-date software
  • Incompatible headphones

How to Fix the “Volume Keeps Going Down by Itself” Problem

It is important to check first to make sure that this is not an influx of notifications that is causing the problem.

By default, when notifications come in, your current music volume drops to alert you of the new notification.

First, put your phone on Airplane Mode and Silent. Then, go to your music player app and play an audio file for a short while. If the volume is stable, there is no problem with your phone. You were just getting notifications.

1. Check the Volume Buttons

If your Android volume keeps going down, you should check your phone case or any object that may be pressing the volume buttons down. Take off the case and ensure there is nothing in contact with your phone.

The volume would stop going down if the case was the culprit. Replace the case with one that is not tight, or forgo using one altogether.

If the volume still goes down with the case off, take a look at the volume buttons at the side. If they are pressed down or stiff, there is a hardware problem.

The volume button is malfunctioning. You will need to take your device to the repair shop.

2. Close All Running Apps

If too many apps and processes are running on a device, there will be very little space left in the memory. This can cause the device to malfunction and cause problems like the volume going down itself.

To save memory, close all running apps. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Click on the left or right buttons at the bottom of the screen to open all running apps.
Click on the button at the bottom left to open list of running apps
Click on the Button at the Bottom Left of Your Screen. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on the Close All button.
Click on close all to close all running apps
Click on Close All. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

Now, restart your phone. Your volume will stop going down itself.

3. Restart Your Android Device

Sometimes, this error might come from a system glitch. Restarting your phone will clear the ram and all processes running on the phone. This gives your device a fresh start and can help to clear bugs.

To restart your Android Device, please follow these steps:

  • Long-press the ON/OFF button on the side of your device until you get a prompt like the one below.
Restart your device to clear RAM.
Restart Your Device. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on Restart to power off and then power on the device.

Note: The interface you get may differ from the image above if you have a different Android brand. The buttons will still be the same.

4. Check for Third-Party Apps Causing the Issue

Third-party apps are applications created by people or organizations other than your device manufacturer. Sometimes, these apps aren’t compatible with your device and can cause problems.

To check for third-party interference, run your Android device in Safe Mode. Safe Mode disables all third-party applications.

When your phone is in Safe Mode, you can only access apps created by your manufacturer. All other apps will be greyed out.

To run your device in Safe Mode, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the side of your Android device.
  • When the menu pops up, long-press the Power Off button.
Long-press the power off button
Long-press the Power Off Button. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on Safe Mode and wait for your device to restart.
Go to Safe Mode to disable third-party apss
Safe Mode. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

When your phone comes up, it will only have the manufacturer’s apps. All third-party apps will be greyed out. There will also be a grey box with “Safe Mode” written at the bottom of the screen.

All third-party apps are greyed out in safe mode
Android device in Safe Mode. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

Now, go to your music payer app and try to play one of the audio files you have there. Some phones don’t have a music player app installed.

You can go to your gallery app and play a video from there. If your volume is consistent, the problem comes from your third-party apps.

Now that you have found the issue, you have to uninstall the third-party apps manually, one after the other.

Restart your device each time you uninstall an app, and check to see if you fixed the problem by removing that app.

Uninstalling an app is easy. Follow these steps to uninstall your third-party apps:

  • Go to your apps list and long-press the app of your choice. In the options there, click on Uninstall.
Uninstall third-party apps
Click Uninstall. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Confirm that you want to uninstall the app by clicking OK.
Click Ok to confirm the action
Click OK. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

If the problem persists, uninstall another app, restart and check. Soon, your Android volume will have stopped going down itself.

5. Adjust Android Volume Protection Limit

Your volume might keep going down by itself if you exceed your volume protection limit. This limit is set by Android to protect your ears from very loud sounds.

You can adjust this limit to a volume of your choice. It is not advisable, however, to listen at high volumes for too long.

To adjust the volume limit, follow these easy steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Sounds and vibration.
Select the Sound and Vibration panel in Settings
Sounds and Vibration. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on the Volume panel.
Select the volume panel
Volume Panel. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on the menu button to show the Media Volume Limit Option.
Media volume limit option
Media Volume Limit. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Use the bar to adjust the volume limit to your tastes.
Use the bar to adjust the custom volume limit
Adjust the Custom Volume Limit. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

Restart your device and test the volume. The “volume keeps going down” problem will be fixed.

6. Change Your Headphones

If this problem only occurs when you are on headphones, you will have to change the headphones.

Headphones that aren’t compatible with your Android device will malfunction and receive the wrong signals. That can cause the volume to keep going down by itself.

Your headphones might also be faulty or have a loose wire.

The solution is to get new headphones that are compatible with your phone and work properly.

7. Delete Android Launchers

Sometimes, Android launchers can come with viruses and other malicious files. This will affect your device and pose problems. Deleting all launchers will most likely solve the issue.

To protect your phone from viruses, which can cause volume issues, only download launchers from trusted sources or your Android manufacturer.

8. Update Your Android Device

Having an out-of-date Android version causes problems for your phone and its apps. Updating your OS regularly allows your Android device to work optimally and gets rid of bugs.

To update your Operating System, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and select Software Update.
Click on Software update in settings
Click on Software Update. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • If there is an update available, click on Download and Install.
Click download and install if there is an update available
Download Software Updates. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on Download to begin the software update.
download Android system updates button
Click Download. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

Wait for the OS to install. After updating and installing, you can try listening to some music. The volume will be stable.

9. Factory Reset Your Device

A factory reset should always be the last resort, but if all fails, this might be your only option. Back up all your important data and files in a cloud storage service of your choice, as a factory reset will clear all your data.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to safely back up your Android phone.

To factory reset your phone, follow these simple steps:

  • Open Settings and go to General Management.
General Management tab in settings
General Management Tab in Android Settings. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on Reset.
Reset tab in General Management
Reset Tab in General Management. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Choose Factory Data Reset. It will wipe out your phone and erase all of your data.
Select the Factory data reset option
Factory Data Reset Tab. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor
  • Click on the Reset button to completely reset your phone to the factory settings.
Click on the Reset Button
Reset Button. Screenshot: Chizara Ibeakanma/Gotechtor

After resetting your device, the “volume keeps going down” problem should be gone for good.

Wrap-Up: Android Volume Keeps Going Down

We hope one of these fixes worked for your Android device, and you can now stream music without the volume going down.

Did you manage to get your volume working properly? Did you find other ways to troubleshoot this issue? Leave us a comment down below.

Writer, Android

Chizara is a technical writer who loves learning new things and sharing her knowledge with people in simple, clear terms. As part of her coursework, she is learning about Extended Reality and the Metaverse. She currently serves as a writer at Gotechtor covering all things Android.

Chizara Ibeakanma

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7 thoughts on “Android Volume Keeps Going Down? (Do this First!)”

  1. i read four articles like this, but only this one had a solution that worked for me (volume protection limit) so thanks! im not 100% sure but it seems like someone was trying to connect a Bluetooth headset to trigger the volume protection.

  2. I think I found a fix for this (that was not listed above). Go to Media Volume Limit & switch it to ON. Below that, turn Custom Volume Limit all the way up, to the max volume level. So far so good…

  3. Just to let you know, while the rest of the article (as far as I can see) is correct. With newer Android devices you do not hold the power button to shut it off, as that just brings you to Bixby. Instead you swipe down from the top of the screen twice and hit the power icon.

  4. It is the Sound Feedback Volume setting needs set to off . You find that in the settings search by entering Sound Volume. That is my Galaxy A 50 android solution so it should work with other Androids too.


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