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If you’re getting the Not Registered on Network on Samsung Galaxy, you probably can’t make calls or send text messages.

This is a frustrating problem as it prevents you from staying in touch with family and friends. Fortunately, this can be a relatively easy problem to fix. 

This article walks you through some of the ways to fix it when your Samsung Galaxy is displaying the Not Registered on Network error.

What Does “Not Registered on Network” Mean on Samsung Galaxy? 

Receiving the message Not Registered on Network on your Samsung Galaxy means the SIM card inside your smartphone is unable to connect with the respective wireless service provider’s network.

When that happens you will lose all connectivity on your Samsung Galaxy, which explains why you can’t make phone calls or send text messages.

What Are the Causes of the “Not Registered on Network” Error on Samsung Galaxy? 

While the meaning of the Not Registered on Network error message is clear, the reasons for the occurrence of this message are quite versatile.  

So, let’s take a look at the possible causes that may have forced the error message to appear on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.   

  • Damaged or disconnected SIM card
  • Incomplete carrier settings on your mobile 
  • Mobile Service Providers facing issues on their end 
  • Undetected SIM card by your smartphone
  • Issues with the firmware

These are the probable causes and surely your Samsung Galaxy has one of these issues that resulted in the appearance of the error message. 

But this message can appear on any Android device. The fixes are easy and work for any Android phone regardless of your smartphone brand.    

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8 Ways to Fix “Not Registered on Network” on Samsung Galaxy Devices

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some quick tips capable of fixing the network registration issue on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. 

  1. Restart Your Samsung Mobile 
  2. Remove and Reinsert SIM card
  3. Select Your Network Manually
  4. Change Network Mode
  5. Update APN Settings
  6. Update One UI
  7. Reset Network Settings
  8. Contact Your Mobile Network Provider

1. Restart Your Samsung Mobile 

It goes without saying, whenever you are facing problems with your Samsung device; restart it. It sounds like a cliché but rebooting an electronic device is a genuine troubleshooting method.

In the case of smartphones, restarting the device will relaunch the OS, fixing all sorts of minor issues and glitches in the process. 

Restart Samsung Galaxy to Register Network
Tap on the Restart Button on Samsung Galaxy. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor

So, hold the Power Button and then tap on the Restart option in the Power Menu. If you are still getting the error message after restarting the Samsung mobile, proceed to the next solution. 

2. Remove and Re-Insert SIM Card

If you are still dealing with the network registration issue, then you need to consider the most obvious cause, which is an improperly inserted SIM card. 

Therefore, you need to remove the SIM card from the SIM card tray and insert it again. Also, check for any visible damages when you remove the SIM card. 

So, turn off your Samsung Galaxy. Then, remove the SIM card and check for damages. If there aren’t any, insert the SIM card back into your smartphone.

If the SIM card is defective, take your phone to the nearest wireless carrier store for a SIM card replacement.

3. Select Your Network Manually 

Modern Android smartphones including Samsung galaxy devices are configured to locate and connect to the proper carrier network automatically. 

Usually, this works out well for the users as they don’t need to go through all the trouble to set up the correct carrier network.

Unfortunately, when you are getting the Not Registered on Network error message, you may need to set the carrier network manually on your Samsung mobile. The steps below will show you how. 

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy mobile. 
  2. At the top of the list, select Connection and then tap on Mobile Networks
Mobile Networks on Samsung Galaxy
Navigate to Mobile Network Under Connections. Screenshots: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor
  1. At the bottom of the Mobile Networks Menu, tap on Network Operators
Network Operators on a Samsung Galaxy
Select Network Operators in Mobile Networks Menu. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor
  1. In the following panel, turn off the switch beside Select Automatically
Disable Select Automatically Switch
Tap on Scan Networks to Initiate a Search for Available Networks. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor

As soon as you disable the switch, a list of carrier networks available in your country or location will be visible. Tap on the appropriate carrier network and you are done. 

Alternatively, you may see the Scan Networks button after disabling the button. Tap on it and the device will start scanning for available networks.

After the scan is finished, a list of all the available networks will be visible. Tap on the proper carrier network.

4. Change Network Mode 

The network registration error can also be related to the network mode. If you are in an area where your network is not available, you need to change the network mode to a more suitable type. Here’s how to do it. 

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy mobile. 
  2. At the top of the list, select Connection and then tap on Mobile Networks
  3. Now, tap on the Network Mode. It should be set to LTE/3G/2G (Auto Connect)
Network Mode on a Samsung Galaxy
Tap on the Network Mode Under Mobile Networks. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor
  1. If this doesn’t work, feel free to choose the other options like 3G Only or 2G Only or LTE Only
Select the Relevant Network Type to Register Network
Choose a Network Type for Samsung Galaxy. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor

If the network registration still isn’t complete after changing the network mode, be sure to check out the next solution. 

5. Update APN Settings 

If the network registration error started appearing after changing the Mobile Service Provider or after changing the mobile plan, then you may have to update your Samsung mobile’s APN settings to stop the error. 

APN or also known as Access Point Names is supposed to get updated manually. If it fails to happen, you will want to make the changes manually. 

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy mobile. 
  2. At the top of the list, select Connection and then tap on Mobile Networks
  3. Tap on Access Point Names
APN Settings on a Samsung Galaxy
Select Access Point Names Under Mobile Networks. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor
  1. Now, tap on the Add button at the top right corner of the screen to add a new APN Setting Profile
Add New APN Setting Profile on Samsung Galaxy
Tap on Add to Enter a New APN Setting Profile. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor
  1. You will be required to add the necessary information and then Save it using the Three Dots Button at the top.  
Save New APN Profile to Register Network
Save the New APN Setting Profile on Samsung Galaxy. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor

Now, go back to the Access Point Names menu and select the new profile. This should resolve the error if you have migrated to a new service provider or changed the mobile plan.  

6. Update One UI 

An outdated operating system can cause a lot of trouble. If you are someone who never bothers to check for new OS updates, maybe it’s time to do so. 

Updating the Android OS or in the case of the Samsung Galaxy device, known as One UI, involves pretty easy steps. Let’s check them out.   

  1. Launch the Settings app and select the Software Update option.
  2. After that, tap on the Download & Install option.  
Update One UI to Register Network
Update Samsung Galaxy One UI. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor

Your Samsung Galaxy phone will start looking for the new One UI updates. If there’s an update available, download it.

Then, you will come across the Install option. Tap on it and the new version of the One UI will be installed which may fix the network registration error as well.  

7. Reset Network Settings 

At this moment, if you have successfully registered the network, then great. Unfortunately, the people who are not so lucky, have to go through an ordeal known as Resetting the Network Settings. 

This is a serious action and should only be used as a last resort. Executing a network reset will remove any saved Wi-Fi networks, saved paired devices, and all the customization. 

  1. Launch the Settings app and select General Management
  2. After that, tap on Reset and then tap on Reset Network Settings in the next panel. 
Reset Samsung Galaxy Network Settings
Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy. Screenshot: Saurav Dey/Gotechtor

Onwards, you have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen to properly perform a network reset. You will also be asked to provide your mobile password or fingerprint or pattern for verification purposes.

8. Contact Your Mobile Network Provider 

In case none of the previous methods worked and you are still getting the “Not Registered on Network” error message on your Samsung Galaxy mobile, you’ll need to contact your mobile network provider

Now, contacting the service provider won’t be easy since you can’t make calls with your Samsung mobile. So, you can either visit the Mobile Service Provider’s store if it is nearby or call them using a different mobile.

Final Thoughts on Not Registered on Network

We hope the Not Registered on Network error on your Samsung Galaxy mobile has been resolved after applying those fixes and that you are able to make calls and send messages without any issues. 

Also, let us know if you have any tips for registering the network on a Samsung Galaxy device via the comment section below. 

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  1. None of those fixes worked. 🙁 I live in a valley in the country, occasionally, we lose power. Every time this happens, I lose connection to the network. This time it has lasted going on four days. I have spoken to tech, spent 4 hours, still unresolved. Carrier says there is no reason I should not be connected. When I drive towards town, say at least a mile, I get connection back.

    • Hi Connie, sorry to hear that. It looks like you have a poor network coverage problem since your connection is back when you’re close to town.


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