15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power

best android custom roms

Which custom ROM is best for Android? Android fans love their device platform, but they may not always be big fans of the operating system that comes preinstalled. To be more clear, they don’t appreciate the excess and restrictions imposed on them. Because Android code is not properly locked down (like Apple’s iOS operating system) … Read more

Top 20 Best Sites to Watch Anime for Free

sites to watch anime

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find the Best Anime Streaming Sites to watch and stream your anime episodes for free. Anime fandom is real and it is widespread, so it’s not surprising that the anime internet fan community is looking for ways to watch anime online. Luckily, the internet now contains an embarrassment of riches in terms … Read more

The Best Android 11 New Features You Need to Know

Android 11 new features

Google’s Android 11 has been received generally well by users as it comes with many new features and some notable facelifts to certain aspects of the OS, while still retaining the working functionality of the successful Android 10 build. The Android 11 OS includes some user control changes, many small under the hood improvements with … Read more

What happens when you block a number on Android?

Marking a number on an Android phone

If you were wondering what happens when you block a number on Android, this article will go into the details with you. Look at some point you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to use the block feature on your phone. Whether it’s an ex, complete strangers, or telemarketers, blocking someone is the … Read more

Top 11 Benefits of Rooting Your Android Phone

benefits of rooting android

The benefits of rooting your Android phone are significant, but many users are afraid of doing so. If you feel that way, this guide will help you overcome that fear. Android phones are immensely popular, but they do have several notable shortcomings. Manufacturers or phone carriers are the ones to blame here since they’re the … Read more

How to Fix Personal Hotspot Not Working on iPhone

personal hotspot not working

You’re probably here because you have problems with sharing the cellular data connection of your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) using your Personal Hotspot. A Personal Hotspot helps you turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot so that other nearby devices can connect to the internet using your mobile data.  When it’s not working, … Read more